So far my time on the project has been a proper trial by fire. Getting up to speed with the current issues, figuring out how things are implemented and coming up with solutions. I am well aware of the concerns you guys have about the lack of communication so far. The fact is that writing a post takes time. Especially as things we write can and probably will be misinterpreted by some people and the posting is done on an official forum. Some of that time is also eaten up by responding to private messages. Even now I’m compiling a list of changes that we should implement to improve the state of PvP in the game. So far I’ve seen lots of posts with concerns with a lack of a purpose in PvP. Worries about PvP becoming too item centric. There were even some concerns that some of the issues PvP had in Age of Conan will be introduced into TSW.

Over the last few days I spend a great deal of time looking at the issues that we currently have with Fusang. Things like the unbalanced sides, reward mechanics (such as rewards for active participation vs. rewards for just being there) and lots of other issues. While some of these are Fusang specific, while others affect the minigames as well. I can see a lot of suggestions are quite similar to the things we want to change ourselves. The fact is that progress is being made and I hope we can share them with you guys soon. I just can’t promise specific changes until we see them implemented.

I really hope to be able to keep everyone more in the loop once the dust settles. Meanwhile my main priority is to address those issues mentioned in all the different threads.