So the final outcomes of the discussions I have been involved in.

1. Veteran Rewards System: As was suggested by quite a few people here, we will be adding a veteran rewards system to The Secret World. This will be retroactive back until launch and we will be offering a mix of boosts, cosmetics and other useful items for veterans to purchase using their points.
The full list of items which will be available to veterans will be made available during January, once the team has come back from holidays and we have a chance to sit down and sort it all out.

2. We will be adding a "price" guarantee to all subscriptions and GMs. This is basically a policy that states that if any DLC costs more than the points given to a subscriber in a month, they will receive the DLC for price of the maximum number of points. This will be added to the descriptions of those account types during January (when the guy who does it is back from holidays). A practical example of how this works is if we were to release a $20 DLC, subscribers and GMs would never pay more than 1200 ($10) points for it.
Please note that this does not apply to stand alone expansions or DLC bundles which may contain multiple DLC.

3. As mentioned previously we will be implementing an autobuy DLC feature for accounts, which will ensure that players who don't want to worry about using the store, will receive the DLC each month. More details on the system will be provided in January.

Those are the results of my discussions with management regarding the concerns of the playerbase regarding the change in business model.

For now. As with everything in this business, adjustments can be made.

I am sure the discussions will continue. More importantly we will be watching and listening. Not everyone will be happy with the calls made, but the great thing about MMOs are that things are always up for being adjusted.

I will be around on the forums, answering questions here and there, but I will probably leave this topic to simmer for a while.

I appreciate the feedback and frank dialogue that I have been able to have with you guys, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.