Some answers from Anashel on the MMORPG forums:


To be honest the first thing we will do is to analyzed what went wrong. We have some data to crunch, both in terms of who pledge what, what worked and what didn't and finally, if we come back, what type of support we can expect on a platform like Kickstarter for example.

There is also other options, namely a publisher that could get behind us and fund part of the project. For example, we reach out to Cirque du Soleil, as we think this more then just a game. It's the future of entertainment. We will keep trying to find a partner that also believe in it as much as the players actually believe in it...

From a business point of view, we have close to 400k of game mechanics, code and backend done in the last 7 years, a 100k investment may be a not so bad investment.

And no, we don't plan to retry a email blast. As Santiak explained, the GM / Funcom email blast didn't create the engagement we were expecting and I think a second one will be just a waste of resources for both of us. Maybe we need to take it more slowly. Create more content and showcase more experience of the game then plan for a kickstarter.

Lot of option in front of us. But we don't plan to drop The Black Watchmen at our first try, I mean, we still manage to raised 50k.... Maybe we are too soon for such a game in the current market.