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DefaultAny way to reduce my server ping time ?

is there any way how I can reduce my ping time? Change proxy?

I sometimes get short screen freezes and checked my ping which is around 300ms.

Also got the screen freezes with other MMOs btw


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There are certain geographical / distance limits that you cannot overcome, so it would depend on how far you were from the actual physical location of the server.

Assuming you have a reasonable connection already, you can try something like Leatrix's Latency fix (Google it). It is a registry change that changes how ACKs are handled for all TCP connections. It is reversible. For me, playing from NZ, it drops my latency by about 50ms on average to just over 200ms, which is about as good as it will get given how far I am from the servers.

If you are wireless a wired connection could improve things a little bit.

If your connection is congested (Unlikely) you may want to look at reducing other, background network tasks. Steam is notorious for downloading in the background and choking a connection.

You could also look at a tunneling service, but those can cost money.

Whole heap of options, essentially, all depending on what you have.
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Try installing Leatrix Latency Fix

or try a proxy server such as
Battleping , Lowerping or Laglessproxy
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Ok thanks, I'll give it a try.
Is there any effect done by the proxy service I use?
How about using OpenDNS? ( could that service cause lag?

Internet connection is broadband, getting around 1000kbit/s
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Originally Posted by Huxley View Post
Ok thanks, I'll give it a try.
Is there any effect done by the proxy service I use?
How about using OpenDNS? ( could that service cause lag?

Internet connection is broadband, getting around 1000kbit/s
A proxy service could induce lag. Basically by using a proxy your lag = lag from your computer to the proxy + lag from the proxy to the server. Some services (like the ones v-1ctor mentioned) use high speed servers that hopefully allow you to lower your ping by letting you connect to a proxy server closer to you and then using a lower latency connection to connect to the server, so it ends up lowering your ping. Most proxies, though, are set more for security than for speed so you end up actually increasing your latency by using them. If you're using a proxy service, I'd try first connecting directly without a proxy and see how it goes.

OpenDNS shouldn't cause lag at all, all DNS does it basically to work like a phone book, your computer asks it where a website is ( and it tells it back where it is (the IP number). It's usually done in milliseconds, and only once when you connect to a server. Also, if the server in game is set by IP number, then it doesn't even go trough it.


I'm going to wake this old thread because I have a question:

I live in Sweden and we generally have good connections.

I have two characters, one on Daemon and one on Cerberus. Both have around 120 ms latency.

As it takes some time to create new chars and test, I'm wondering if there is a home domain preference if you live in Europe, so I would get better performance if I transferred to another server?

I don't know if 120 ms is good or bad either. If it was an FPS game, I would say it was rather poor, but for this I don't know.


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120ms really good and its ONE sinlge server with several virtual servers. so by changing dimention in TSW will not effect you ms/ping. and the server is based in the US.

btw I live in Norway and got 120ms and thats is good more or less ms ca feel like lag.
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Ok, thanks Makro!

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