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FuncomHigh level PvP plans

This is our overall plan for the main PvP issues (not everything is listed here):

* Fusang was never meant to be a circle zerg, we are working on pacing this down. Capping a facility will now take longer, and the faction that just lost it will most likely have a chance to regain it.
* We will incentivize defense of a facility
* Fusang lacks a climax, and we want to make the middle base more special
* Incentivize players to play Fusang for longer. Make sure they always have something to do.
* Add a respawn timer to anima wells.

Eldorado and Stonehenge:
* Implement incentives to get people into the minigames (Eldorado is awesome, and you should play it!)
* Make map symmetrical
* Make sure you can't be out of LoS from middle, and still score points. We will reduce the "score circle", so you have to be on the inside of the stones.
* Allow players to sign up for any battlefield.

* We are looking at the reward scheme for both Fusang and the minigames. The price for PvP talisman upgrade kits will most likely go down.
* Constantly looking at abilities and TTK (time to kill). We will most likely not do a sweepy change of reducing damage in PvP, or buffing everyones HP. That will just shift the imbalance, and favour certain builds. However, we will look at the individual abilities, and change them if we see that they are OP. When someone complains about a certain build or ability, there is usually a counter for it. The issue is often that the fights, and groups, are too unorganized.
* Adjust the World Domination buff. This might include removing some stats that are highly useful in PvE.
*General terrain exploits will be fixed
* Fix CC-breaker pots

Yes, we're also working on faction imbalance issues.
Yes, we're looking at the upgrade scheme for PvP rewards (10.3 vs 10.4)
Added a point about signing up for both battlefields


Nice to see some much needed changes.
I'm afraid that slowing down, taking a facility in fusang. Will make the faction imbalance more offious. Because for the smaller faction it will be harder to cap a facility.
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This sounds great to me.

Especially making more people play ElDorado - it's my favorite by far.

Overall, thumbs up on all these changes. Also reducing the prices on upgrade kits on both talismans and weapons should probably go down. It's wierdly expensive.

The last change I'd like is the ability to queue for both eldorado and stonehedge at the same time as well as being able to queue while inside fusang (so you can pvp while you wait for the other pvp queues).


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Great!!! I'm not really excited about PvP buff change, but everything else is super welcomed.

I'd also make the guardians super deadly, but that's just me.


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Originally Posted by Snow View Post
*General terrain exploits will be fixed
How about "other exploits" ?


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I love facility defense, would be great if I could do it without annoying the rest of my faction


No comment on the Pve 10.4 verse Pvp 10.3 gear imbalance???

C'mon dev's, basic stuff, fix it!

Pls say this is to be fixed.


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Sounds like good changes! Could we see some PvP buffs or items or goals for cabals too
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UnhappyA few reservations

Hi Snow

all in all the changes you are proposing sound interesting. As a PVPer however I feel the respawn timer proposal is not a good idea. Here's why:

- The absence of a respawn timer makes a well difficult to take when it is being actively defended. This is a GOOD thing. It creates a challenge requiring groups to use tactics/builds, etc. to overcome a determined enemy instead of just rolling the well over. The insta respawn provides an advantage to the defense and in my opinion this is how it should be. I often equate (in my mind) the well to a little fort which grants an advantage to the defenders.

- Some of the most fun times in Fusang have been when either actively trying to cap a well-defended well or defend one against a determined assault - removing this mechanic will make Fusang PVP poorer.

- Wells get capped DESPITE the insta respawn - it just take effort and coordination - people get pissed off sometimes when they are on the receiving end of the mechanic but I view this as a GOOD thing - overcoming the obstacle makes it all the sweeter

If you're all bent hell for leather on introducing respawn timers then please add a defensive mechanic which allows defenders to entranch themselves making them difficult to flush out.

BTW, my character's nickname is Policy and I often stay in Fusang just for the hell of it - I have the feeling that some of the people complaining may be among the "quickly-log-in-to-Fusang-to-do-the-3-quests-then-log-back-out" brigade.


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I like it!

Also adding a counter to the minigames for how many people are signed up from each faction would be a great help so you can get some possible way to know if a game will start soon or not and i believe that also would get more people to sign eldorado if they actually can tell if there is any possibility that a game might start soon...

I dont know how a signup for both minigames would work really as Stonehenge need less people to start wont everyone signed for both games almost always be sent into Stonehenge? I believe a visible queue would help getting people to sign up to eldorado more of there are almost enough people from your faction.

Also possibility to sign from fusang would be nice.
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