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Originally Posted by Rhypaithan View Post
Im positive he means the Masterpack, Im not sure if the master pack would be worth it to me, though Id still be tempted by it.

Personally the grand master pack(the $200 life timer pack) is worth it, if I didnt have it already since launch Id still buy it. But this is a personal prefference, I can understand who it wouldnt be worth it to others, both back then as well as right now.

(Hand to look it up)
Initiate Pack ($15):
■Blood Raven – social flying pet
■Faction Leather Jacket – three color sets, one for each type of society
■Set of Weaponry – better quality beginning weapons of every type
Master Pack ($60)
■Game Time – one additional month of game time
■One Extra Character Slot
■One additional Name Reservation
■Set of Talismans – one high end beginner talisman for “every slot” (7 apparently) – this makes you “better”
■10 XP Boost potions
■10% lifetime discount on purchases from the social clothing store
Grand Master Pack ($200)
■Everything in the Master Pack
■Lifetime Sub
■Exclusive Snakeskin Jacket

This was the original deal at release, not sure if they made any changes along the way, but giving it some more thought.. Id probebly would take the masterpack after all if I didnt have the GM one already..
Thanks Rhy. I couldn't remember if the master had the initiate set of gear or the GM set of gear. I have GM + initiate so it's not like I can see it from my account.

I'm one of those GM owners who knew the game might be around forever and it might fold in 2 months. The game went B2P sooner than I'd have liked but Joel has fought really hard for us even with no guarantee that any of us will ever spend another dime on the game. All we were guaranteed was that we'd get to play the game for free for the life of the game. They're under no obligation to give us anything, so what they have given us is awesome. I'm thrilled about the changes.
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Originally Posted by Cadouin View Post
GM pack also has 20% discount instead of the 10%
thanks for reminding me Ill edit my post to reflect the current deal more clearly.
That said like me and many others said, its worth it to some, and worthless to others.
I still think the master pack is a decent deal, the 10% discount is nice and Im postive the extra month sub you get out of it will net you bonus points.

And again.. Personally I do not regret having the Grand Master (live timer) pack.

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