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DefaultScarred Leatherface, Gasmasks and You

Dumb question but is there any chance of making certain face masks like Scarred Leatherface, the CDC Respirator, the Illuminati Agent mask (and sweet Hera knows what else) work with hats and ear pieces? For a lot of reasons, it'd definitely be a "nice to have" someday.

I know - Tokyo first.


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I could have sworn the CDC Respirator already works with hats. There's a little clipping, but nothing too serious.


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this. i want leatherface and my baron samedi top hat to play nice together.


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Pretty sure the illuminati mask works with hats. Others can see it, just not you. I found that once you equip one hat, click on another to view it, then once more click on the hat you want to wear to get it to show up on your screen.

Although, I will admit it's a pain in the ass to constantly have to do every time you load screens.
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