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DefaultSteps for cabal creation?

Dumb question: a group of my friends are thinking about forming a cabal to play together, but the likely cabal leader has no idea how to actually start a cabal in the game, if it costs money, etc. I suspect it's a simple menu option and filling in some blanks, but I'd love to be able to give him a solid answer.

So, how does one form a cabal?


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Your suspicions are right.
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Is there a minimum player size to start a cabal, like signing a guild charter in other games? Or is this something that four or five players can create?


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No. You just start one, then invite people.


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CB info:

hit the cabal tab from the menu... type name of cabal, select type of government system (which gives 5 levels of authority from member to guild leader all with different titles depending on gov type selected). Hit create.

I am a guild of 1 and it cost no money.

No details on if this will change for tomorrow.
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The very complex steps are... from Testlive server at least....

Drum roll....

Wait for it....

Wait for it....

Press "Shift" and the letter "G" simultaneously to open the create Cabal screen. Not sure if it will cost Pax Romana tomorrow or not but it cost nothing in beta and did not need any particular number of players to be created.
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Steps to create a cabal

1) In your chatbox type - "/cabal create <cabalname>"
2) Profit

You don't need signatures or anything like that.

Whoever creates it is guild leader, but they can promote someone else to be guild leader if they want (maybe first person online creates it to hold it until another officer can get online or something)

The only thing you can really change in the "government type". Cabal Structures Thread - lists the government types and the permissions granted to each rank within that structure.
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Is it possible to have more then one guild-master in a cabal?
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Originally Posted by FitzerGaulten View Post
Is it possible to have more then one guild-master in a cabal?
I believe so. There are 4-5 ranks (depending on your government type) and multiple people can be the top rank. Top rank has all of the privileges.
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op, its kinda like this

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