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Default[quest question] Maine Chainsaw Massacre

I have the Chainsaw, when I equip it I get swarmed by Zombies killing me. My question is...

HOW do I use the Chainsaw, there are no hotkey buttons, and just moving around with the Chainsaw does no good...
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Check your inventory. There is a swing icon you can drag into your item/action bar.


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Yeah there will be the chainsaw item and a "swing" item in your inventory.

If you don't have a "consumable" bag I would recommend making one (hit the + on the inventory and lock the bag so it stays open and put your pots/usable items there).

Drag the swing item there and target a zombie and right click it to keeeeel them!


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Thanks, I should have guessed it would work the same as the flamethrower (where you equiped it and right clicked on the fuel)
Et in Arcadia Ego - I Tego Arcana Dei

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