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Default"The Exterminator" ak'ab burrows

For lack of quest or bug forums:
The Exterminator stage where you destroy 2 ak'ab burrows is very difficult for melee. While the burrow was lit up and I was on all sides of it, it was out of range. While I was on top of it, it was out of range. While I fell inside the graphic I was out of range. The only thing that worked was spamming a PBAoE ability. That's as a Chaos/Hammer build. I've seen enough questions about this in game a thread needed to be made.


That's true about the glitch with burrows. For me even the AoE ability didn't work, I need to jump inside the burrow thing smashing my simple hit ability button, and in 1 of 10 jumps something worked and allowed to deal damage to the burrow.


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The only way I could smash it was with 'buckshot' as nothing else touched it.


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That is probably a bug of some kind. I had the same problem in a quest that has you kill a bunch of Ak'ab and then destroy their burrows. Only one specific location let me hit the burrows.

In general, the game is rough on melee'ers. The mobs that run away constantly and the Ak'ab when they go shooting past me and I have to move back up to them.

I'm adding in pistols so I'll have some range.

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