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DefaultIn game video recording not working

Ctr+F11 and Ctr+F12 are supposedly meant to work to let you record video from the game.

Using Ctr+F11 gives me a 790kb mov file which won't open

Using Ctr+F12 gives me an empty directory (Charname0000 etc.)

I'd love to be able to see cutscenes again, or some of the audio without running an external program but these aren't working for me.


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I was excited to see this option,..then disappointed when my files were all only 1kb ,..hehhe..

I generally use Fraps for my recording,..there is a free version too to try.

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Yes, is it something I'm doing wrong on my end, or is this a known issue?


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The exact same thing happened to me.


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Yeah. It really sucks because I used it to record a lot of video for my cabal's (Midnight Squadron) 4th of July get together. I haven't deleted them hoping there's some magical fix for corrupted files that only seem to be 709 bytes. >_>

Well I hope this gets fixed soon. And if anybody happens to know a fix for (hopefully just) corrupted files, then please llet us know.


bandicam works great and is free as long as recordings are under 10 min


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It's not working for me either. I was wanting to record some video to show off some of the neat missions and cutscenes to some friends. Instead I get another bug to add to a growing list. :'(


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Dosent work for me using either video option a bit of a pain which i hope gets sorted as i want to show mates what this game is like and hopefully pull them into the game.


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Will be really interested in seeing this working relatively soon, as well as the memory footprint it'd have.

Maybe we're still better off using xSplit or something to the effect to record.


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I also tried this option as I enjoy filming and editing game footage. Sadly I was dissapointed that it wasn't in working order so back to fraps in the meantime - The 1 thing about in game recording though is that it should reduce lag that fraps sometimes causes which would be fun
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