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Charles Godard


where in the hell are they? i'd gladly pay a few clams for a hat.

anyone know if they are planning on implementing them in the item store any time soon?


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I have two hats in game but they both looks horrible when actually on the character. They looks too big or something. Most games have this problem with hats. I believe I got 1 of mine from the war.

Just hoping the hat from the Gunslinger deck costume looks OK.
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I'd like to see more hats in-game, as well. I'm sure plenty are coming though, so I'm not too worried about it.
Keizo "Tokage" Kai


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I've seen a few ppls running around with Baseball caps. Thought it was interesting so I went out and got a custom made Templar hat embroidered with my char name on the side / templars lol btw thats IRL.


I am in Desperate need of a fedora type hat for my look. If anyone has info pm me or post here!

I can haz Harry Dresden, yes i can.


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I have seen numerous hats ingame. Where people have gotten them I have no idea. Have you checked in London yet?


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There's the cowboy hat that comes with the cowboy outfit from cash shop. They are separate pieces.

There's a cap as a reward from completing all the visitors quests in KM.

FB game accomplishment capt, factional and neutral.

I think there's cash shop outfit that comes with a beanie. Pieces can be used individually.

The hats/caps/hoodies in the Deck rewards can't be used separate from the rest, they are multi-slot outfits, all pieces are one single mesh, you use them all or none.


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Two biggest things i'd like are Top hats and the option for the boots to go over the pants. I'd like to put together a kind of steampunk outfit, but but without those, its kind of a no go for me.


Qoojo's Avatar

I think I finished all the main missions (and possibly all the missions) in KM tonight, and got a "townie" cap. Looks like a baseball cap with a fishing lure in it.


Seraslicious's Avatar

I seriously need a fez. Let's hope there's more hats coming in. Oh, and shoes. And jewelry. And, well, everything really. I haven't been to London yet though, but going there today. The townie cap made me feel sad. xD And craving for fish. Of all the odd things.. *chuckles*

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