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DefaultLeveling Spec - Fist / Chaos, or Elemental / XXX


Trying to decide between a Fist / Chaos leveling spec or an Ele / XXX spec. The XXX i don't care about, it can be AR, which I know pairs well, but I don't really love. I'd rather have something else there, but am unsure about what may or may not work later in the game.

Anyways, Help is always appreciated.

Thanks -


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I can only speak for chaos/fist but the main difference is if you want range vs melee. Chaos/fist is pure melee.

As for it's effectiveness, it does decent dps due to weakness from chaos (watch for it's added hate in dungeons though if not a tank) and savage sweep effect and nearly unkillable due to chaos mitigation, heals/hots and feral regrowth effect. You can later pair chaos with something to make a pure tank and pair fist with something to make a pure healer.

It's play style will be light years from elemental/anything however. Elemental is pretty much only able to pair well to make a pure ranged dps deck or pair as support with something (hence why rifle is so popular as it goes either way as well and is ranged) so your expansion builds head off in differing directions as well.

Obviously go both routes later on as you can in this game.
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Understood. I can really care less about melee vs ranged. I'm just looking for a sold lvling spec that i'm not constantly getting killed with.

I don't really like AR generic builds so no blade / AR, which I know is a beast. Blade isn't really my style either, not sure what it is about it, but it's just not my favorite playstyle.


Anyone else?

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