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FuncomWe are continuously working on PvP

Hi guys

Let me just start off by saying sorry, but I'm not posting here to give you much details this time. I just wanted to assure you guys that we do read posts here, and we are working on improving the PvP experience. We have gathered a lot of data, looked at how players behave ingame, and of course continuously reading your feedback.

We know that PvP is a core gameplay element for a lot of you guys, and we will do our best to improve on what's there now. I believe we have a solid foundation for fantastic PvP in our game, but we can always make it better, and we will.



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Thank you!!
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Told you they were reading...


Thanks Snow!


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Bruusgard/Bylos '12


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Thank you Snow, for reading our posts and looking at the data.
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Thanks Snow!! Looking foward to it!


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Thank you for your attention.

Looking forward to updates!


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Thank you for the post, I appreciate it ! I'm having a blast with TSW, and general PVP improvements over time will only further that.
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Woah. Hi Snow. I love you.
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