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DefaultSequins of Solomon Island

Are they used for anything in the game?


Yes, they are used to purchase items from the Council of Venice guys in that area.


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They can be a huge help in getting started - you can pick up QL 6 weaponry in Blue Mountain with Sequins of Solomon Island, and some QL 5 talismans in Savage Coast. The vendors are reachable by following a main road around the Island so it's a fantastic way to get a leg up.

Beyond that, they're also usable to buy Casting Kits, so you can transfer the appearance of a favourite weapon to a sdifferent item that may be statistically superior. Not earth-shattering, but it's something to spend 'em on once you're beyond the QL 5-6 sort of stage.


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I've used mine for casting kits quite a lot, to the point that I now always have some in my backpack for when I upgrade my weapons but don't want the look of the new one


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The weapons from the vendors in the later zones of the Kingsmouth area were a great help to me when first starting out.
I would suggest saving the sequins for that.
If your gear is better than what is on sale you can buy crafting kits for consumeables (all QL ranges available from the vendor in Kingsmouth iirc) and casting toolkits which lets you take the look of one weapon and transfer it to another (how to do so is explained on the tooltip of the toolkit itself).
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Skip the Kingsmouth vendors (QL2) if possible - weapons from Savage Coast (QL4) have exactly the same price and weapons from Blue Mountain (QL6) require only 10 sequins more.

If you'll run each quest once you should get over 100 sequins, so it's enough to buy 2 SC and 2BM weapons.

Talismans drop from quests and they're sufficient - IMO you should only focus on buying weapons for the sequins.
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I use mine as drink coasters.


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Where is the Blue Mountain weapon salesperson? I see the others but not that one.



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They are in the Wabanki Park.

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