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DefaultI want to hug every Funcom dev

...because they are nice and real people and talking to us in the forums and working so hard on real innovative gameplay.

TSW is freakin' amazing, today I was so happy again about my GM pack.

seriously I want to send you cookies for Christmas.
you ALL deserve it.
Each one of you fabulous people working on this game.
Bull whip (CHECK!) and grapple hook for auxiliary weapons!
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You're so very welcome. Just wait 'til you see issue 5! Oh man oh man!


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I'll join in the hug-fest. Keep your heads up guys, you've got a one of a kind product here, and one to be proud of.


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Agreed, the more I play this, the more I love it.

Vexed Forest

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I'll /hug too, they all deserve one!

Now......1.5 details? jk

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After almost 600 hours played in TSW I feel, that my life sub was really worth it. I'm playing since launch and just yesterday finished Main Story and all other 'core' missions. Everything in this game is amaizing. Love it! Since 2006 and GW (which was my first 'MMO') I didn't feel that any other MMO story get to me as much as TSW did.

Thank you devs! You have made something really unique and beautiful. This game is the best MMO at this moment (for me) and I'm enjoying every minute of my game time.


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And I made cakes and pie to share the love around. And tea.. made a pot of tea as well

I think sometimes players of any MMO forget it is actual RL people behind the work that goes on, a big thank you for little old me.

I've just carved myself a miniature Cthulhu out of wood.

Love crafting.


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Not really much of a hugger, but I readily agree with the OP.

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Originally Posted by mandellaSW View Post
I'll join in the hug-fest. Keep your heads up guys, you've got a one of a kind product here, and one to be proud of.
I am RunningoutofHP, and I approve this message.

P.S. Around 650 hours /played so far since launch, and got plenty to do still while having a blast. You know you did something right with your game when that happens to players.


Originally Posted by citric View Post
you're so very welcome. just wait 'til you see issue 5! Oh man oh man!
stop teasing!!!!!!

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