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DefaultRequest for Separate ARG Section Altogether

This thing is going to become too big for one thread, but I also understand the problems with allowing this thing to overgrow and dominate General Discussion.

The subject line seems the fairest proposal. Thank you for your consideration. <3


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Most definitely seconded


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The point of ARGs is to encourage is to be crazy and excited and bouncing balls of energy. Putting a leash on that is... counter-intuitive.

Especially when having one official thread means that being gone for 5 minutes can cause you to miss a genuinely important post that gets lost in a sea of "already discovered"s, red herrings, and errant theories.

I'm a Dragon. I love the chaos, but want to make it into its own order.


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I third the motion.





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Much agreed. Would rather people submitting ideas be in a seperate thread from people asking where to sign up >.>

The thread that was closed was already 10+ pages, of solid theory and discussion.


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please please please!
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I'd like that.
I'll have to go to sleep now and when I wake up I most certainly will have 10+ new pages to read
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? guys...the thread is barely 70 pages...


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Originally Posted by Zankh View Post
? guys...the thread is barely 70 pages...
Exactly, and the ARG "proper" hasn't even started yet, only a few phone calls.
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