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Originally Posted by Oneiropolos View Post
Fun to see the old crowd back together again! And new faces too!

I suspect this time I won't be trying to supply rune meanings all the time. I invited as many people as I could think of. So excited. I'm admittedly REALLY curious if they grabbed HE again for this. Anashel is tweeting about it, but hard to say if they're directly involved or not.
Good to see you'll be up for the challenge too, meet up in the usual. I'll be there from now till the end.



I had no idea. Now I can't WAIT!


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Signed up!
Can't wait to see what will happen.

Maybe Eveline Belmont will be back.
(By the way English isn't my native language! )


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Signed up. i liked the other ones during beta


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Woo, looking forward to it. Didn't participate all that much in the last one, so it'll be fun to join in!


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It has been years since I posted on the forums.

And now I have returned.


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Can't wait!!

Now wondering what excuse I can give at work regarding a 2 1/2 week absence
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Originally Posted by Mal-Amenz View Post
I'll poke Zeph, and see whats up
Re-unite the podcast team!


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Originally Posted by Amelia View Post
The Priestess of the wall is always around A4!
It feels like a reunion with all these familiar faces

wakka87 has begun!
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