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DefaultNewbies! Add these people to your friends lists!

One of the few complaints I hear about TSW from people is how there's a lack of people willing to help in group based missions or dungeons. I find this surprising, because I never find a shortage of people to assist others, and most of the friends I've made in this game have come about from them helping me, or me helping them in some way.

So in the interest of making it easier for newbies and others to find people willing to help them in groups, dungeons, or even just getting past a certain stage in the game, I thought I'd compile a list of people who are always willing to lend a hand, and what specific talents they can offer, starting with myself.

Feel free to chime in if you're willing to help with your in-game name, and I'll add you to the list.
  • Mako-chan - Nightmare Tank/DPS, Regular & Elite Tank/DPS/Healer
  • Maer
  • Annsera
  • TeeEM
  • Hunto
  • Ryann
  • Pale-Rider
  • Eadigren
  • Wolfpack
  • Lux - Tank/DPS
  • Pounder - NM DPS, Regular DPS/Tank/Healer?
  • Garbage - NM and Regular Tank/DPS/Healer
  • Kristyana
  • Kasylia
  • Yamano
  • Majmus
  • Queex - (Not sure if this is your character's name also?)
  • NaughtyH - Healer/DPS
  • Vorig - Tank/Healer (Solomon Island)
  • Boldt - Healer/DPS (Solomon Island)
  • HordleJane - DPS
  • Badger54 - DPS
  • Jurgen
  • Platinu
  • Hilario
  • Brokenwing - Healer/DPS
  • Nettlebane - Nightmare Tank, Tank/DPS/Healer
  • Pipes - NM DPS, Regular Tank, Speaks German/spricht Deutsch
  • Scheme - NM Tank/Healer/DPS
  • Ciggs - NM Tank
  • Cigg - Elite Tank
  • Ojo
  • Ruth - 7th Legion Cabal, NM Heals, Elite Tank/DPS, Not just help for dungeons but any questions, etc.
  • Cola
  • PegasusMD
  • Joel Bylos - if you can figure out his secret identity :P
  • Vendraen - Beginner NM DPS/Tank/Healer
  • Technologic
  • Mujahideen
  • Morteia
  • Leck
  • Sidaroth - NM Healer, Elite DPS
  • Melisande
  • Vinculus
  • Scottius
  • Tokrika
  • Craft
  • Teega - Healer
  • Athena2012 - DPS, Australian Timezones
  • Forbis - Tank
  • Lucifeh - NM DPS/Tank/Healer
  • Eurore - City of the Sun God
  • A-ren - 1st three dungeons
  • Hump - Tank/DPS, Speaks German/spricht Deutsch
  • Irinii - Speaks German/spricht Deutsch
  • Meshuggah - Speaks German/spricht Deutsch
  • Teetink
  • Pourekos - Scorched Desert, Heal/DPS
  • ReinhardtStahl - NM Beginner Tank, Elite DPS/Tank, Speaks German/spricht Deutsch
  • Ideon
  • Lynnie - DPS/Heals
  • Kle
  • Simples - Savage Coast
  • Cleia
  • Stepchild
  • Anema
  • Tenbun - NM Tank, Speaks German/spricht Deutsch
  • Lonerock - Tank
  • Zenpao - NM DPS, Elite Tank
  • Inanna
  • Lady-Pyre
  • Blotch
  • Kiruh
  • Sekryn
  • Shade-Step
  • J-Stop
  • Arashikage
  • Shadex
  • Dfox - NM DPS, Healer/Tank offspec
  • Arn - NM DPS
  • Ehud - Tank/DPS
  • Virtuous
  • ZothOmmog
  • Shubnigurath
  • iozay
  • Nakawe
  • Alchemy
  • Aedile
  • Mikakku - DPS
  • Hatkake - Tank (Solomon Island)
  • Deceiver - NM Tank/DPS
  • Quincunx
  • Cytharam - Healer/DPS (Australian)
  • Galathea - Healer
  • Deadilluminati - Tank
  • Kynarra - Tank/DPS
  • Kizzy - DPS
  • Shadoxs - NM Healer
  • Grimbane
  • Crimsonbane
  • Indigobane
  • Doomchild - Speaks German/spricht Deutsch
  • Luxian - NM DPS, NM Tank, NM Healer
  • Hexvex - DPS
  • Giveulife - Healer
  • Savan
  • Neo-Calliope - speaks Norwegian, English and Chinese
  • Druim - 10.2 DPS
  • SnowGlobe - DPS
  • Cathea - DPS
  • Miranda-Lawson - Has some QL5 stuff to give away (limited time only!)
  • Beakster - NM Tank (Corrected)
  • LoadOfSanch
  • Haimi
  • Sadukar
  • gravityyaoi - Blood Healer
  • Ameyna
  • Maeloda - DPS
  • Maelady - Tank
  • Veridian - DPS/Tank/Healer, Speaks English and Spanish
  • Sardonic - QL10 Fist/Chaos
  • Pessimistic - Hammer/Shotgun
  • Cheestring
  • beav144
  • Maxsy
  • Malcamber
  • Chihaya
  • Domaldel
  • Delma
  • StreetMoney
  • Boxcar
  • Inkblot
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My character is Maer, if I'm not in the middle of anything critical I'm usually quite happy to help new folks.
Aleksia "Maer" Sabel
Molly "Chicken-Little" Smith


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Add my toon, Annsera to the list. I don't play for long periods of time, but I am very happy to help. :-)



Add my two "mains";

"TeeEM" on Daemon, and "Hunto" on Arcadia

Mmo Grl

Mmo Grl's Avatar

You can add "Ryann". Always willing to help out if I'm not busy.


Pale-Rider's Avatar

Can add Pale-Rider to that list as well. I do have to put together a Tank build but can do anything. and always ready to help unless i'm in the middle of a NM or Raid :P. mostly running in circles and bouncing on cars in London :P


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For those of you that run during the quiet hours, you can add Eadigren to your list. Always glad to help if I can.
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Thade "Eadigren" Barrowcliff
The -7th- Legion


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Add me -- be happy to team up. Name is Wolfpack.


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Lux - tank/DPS, can lead the newish guys through most anything.


The Venetian

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Yeah, what the hell?
Add Pounder.
Though untill 1.5 hits I will be obsesively doing Fusang.
After that I will (hopefully) be less obese, eh, obsessive.

(dps, carrying purge and Shortfuse. NM beginner runs)

Tbh, maybe I can tank? or heal?
got some gear and half a specc.
in normals or elites at least.
for NMs it's probably best I stay dps for now

I am in timezone GMT +1 (Northern Europe).
I am typically on afternoons and evenings.
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