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DefaultBeginner Nightmare's - Come Join The Fun

Hi Everyone,

I made it to nightmare 2 weeks ago and my cabal has been extremely helpful in starting to get me geared. I'm curious how many people here are new to nightmares and what experience and gear level they had.

What I'd like to do is get all those that are interested to reply with their character name, role and gear so that we can add each other as friends and get more beginner friendly runs put together. My cabal mates were in cooldown this past weekend and i spent a long time in Agartha with no luck. I know others are in the same situation so let's get together and learn some dungeons, and plain have some fun. If you're the type that likes to get pissed off and rage quit, don't even bother replying. Likewise if anyone who is experienced and is willing to help out, you are always welcome.

I have my own TS server that we can use during runs to help communicate a bit better

10.1 Custom Head, rest 10.0 / 10.1 / 10.2 drops all healer pieces
POL 6/6 , DW 6/6 and HR 5/6

Please dont think the stats are a way to exclude beginners, total contrary, it will only help to understand where people are and if they have any experience. ALL are welcome


I'll throw my name in the ring as well. I'm not exactly an NM beginner, but I'm not full 10.4/10.4 yet either. I'm on most evenings EST and most weekends.

Tank (mainly), DPS, or Healer (still working on good healing builds though)
Full purple gear for all roles. Mix of drops and custom 10.0-10.4 (upgrading tanking glyphs before talismans mostly)
Pol 6/6, HR 6/6, DW 6/6, Ankh 5/6, HF 1/6


Hey this is great. I'll check back later to see if there's a time you're planning to run and hopefully will be able to make it.


Ciggs: Tank Chaos & Blade Punching Bag also tinkering with a Hammer & Blade build as well.

some 10.4 customs mixed with 10.3 and 10.2 and 10.1 customs ( saving bullion for just in case moments )

Sign me up, I just wanna have fun and make mistakes. Im in the Beijing, China timezone but if you figure a specific time, let me know and i can try to adjust my play time for it.


The Venetian

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I'll usually gladly run with beginner groups. I'm usually DPS (3384 AR), but I can switch to either of the other roles as well, and have respectable gear/spec for them too.


Occasionally I'll decline, as I do like to advance myself as well - but more often then not, I'll gladly do it.

I'd rather run with excited, fresh players new to the NM experience, than bored overgeared "ubers" snoozing through their 10,000,000th run and bitter about it.


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Originally Posted by landael View Post
Hey this is great. I'll check back later to see if there's a time you're planning to run and hopefully will be able to make it.
The idea here is not to try and schedule times as many of us live all over the world. My idea was to get a list of players who are new (or willing to help new players out) so we can add eachother to friends list. Assuming there is enough interest, there should always be some like minded people online willing to run some beginner dungeons without having to wait forever in Agartha


Add me to the list, Im polite and just want to have fun, I dont berate people



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Originally Posted by SullenApe View Post
Add me to the list, Im polite and just want to have fun, I dont berate people

Ciggs - Hermano it's me fazoolia Ciggs is an amazing tank who has helped me get thru a few nightmare dungeons. Very nice player to have on your list


Lol, I know, showing support and I like the idea, lol, maybe make a channel


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Count me in too.

  • RDPS - Shotgun/AR
    Purple 10 to 10.2.
    Polaris 6/6, DW 6/6, Ankh 1/6

I'm in the GMT+8 time zone but can be more active during weekends.

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