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FuncomThe Secret World is now .. BUY TO PLAY

Well, that was unexpected .. to say the least.
Nevertheless, it seems like a good deal for everyone.

On further reading, this is important to notice regarding content packs:

(...)can be purchased for the Bonus Points that are included in the optional Membership, as well as with the points offered with Grand Master Lifetime service. Players without a Membership or a Grand Master Service can of course as well purchase new DLC content in the Item Store.

So in a way, it's free!
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not unexpected.


Till the world will cease to exist.


Game Director

Marketing listened to me? Huh. The world is ending. Also say BUY TO PLAY, free to play is something different.


Billing Director

You've got them tied up in the basement, admit it.


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Originally Posted by Deceiver View Post

Although the term "Content Packs" scares me. Do we have to pay to get more content?
Of course you will have to pay for expansions.
But what weight had the dreams of mystics against the harsh wisdom of the world?

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Originally Posted by Nusquam View Post
Marketing listened to me? Huh. The world is ending. Also say BUY TO PLAY, free to play is something different.
They certainly did! And, I changed "Free to Play" to "Buy to Play" - got them mixed up for a second there.


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Will we still get montly updates?


The Venetian

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One question left unanswered in FAQ is, will the "Content Packs" always cost 10$ or less? i.e., will Membership customers and Grand Master customers be able to acquire the monthly content at no additional cost?


Please, tell me this is some kind of joke...

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