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DefaultMission 6 - The end is here!

Hi Everyone!

Mission 6 pre-launch mode is now active. You are invited to help SAVE friends and family and get them ready for the end.

This part is optional, but any help to spread the word is appreciated.

Tomorrow the mission will start and conclude with a livestream celebration. You will Receive an email when the mission starts.

We will start moderating the live chat more: The goal is to have fun in our last hours on this planet. You are welcome to joined the chat and help us raised a hell of a party.

Bests and thanks everyone for that ride!


IceFyre13th's Avatar

Sweet....hope I am back from work before it starts!!!!


Jessyca's Avatar

Yay! Livestream party time

(any estimate on when this will start - 1am here so I kinda need to go to bed soon but don't want to miss out!)


astald's Avatar
Sorry, had to.


Shamzz's Avatar

Can't wait for the livestream! Will 'The Wall' make it's return?


StrayBullets's Avatar

Mission 6 Instructions window has the Morse code for SOS (...---...) as the mission instructions and the time to complete this as W6:66:AR. Humm...
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Shamzz's Avatar

Also, is there a typo in one of the messages that can be sent from the situation room? 'The end is night!' (night instead of nigh)


marciantobay's Avatar

GAH! I Had to go to work! Pause it! Pause all of it! Push the events back by 8 hours across the board!


Martinfail's Avatar

Originally Posted by MarcianTobay View Post
GAH! I Had to go to work! Pause it! Pause all of it! Push the events back by 8 hours across the board!
You know what we have to do...

Everyone solve mission 5 at once again! It's the only way to shut down the situation room!


shadowner's Avatar

It will sadly pass me by but someone has to actually stop the end before the new beginning can start
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