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Default[MOD] Improved NPC Nametag

Hi everyone,

this mod allows you to turn on/off vicinity NPC nametags for hostile and friendly NPCs separately, so you can identify hostile NPCs easily while friendly NPC nametags will not clutter your screen anymore.
  1. /setoption ShowNPCEnemyNametags true - turns on vicinity hostile NPC nametags, /...false will switch them off
  2. /setoption ShowNPCFriendNametags false - turns off vicinity friendly NPC nametags, /...true will switch them on

  1. /optioneinstellen ShowNPCEnemyNametags true
  2. /optioneneinstellen ShowNPCFriendNametags false

(Don't forget to use tab or space while typing for auto-suggestion. It makes it a lot easier)

Show vicinity NPC nametags in your "interface menu" -> nametags needs to be turned on for this mod to work.

This mod does not use the original font. Instead of using Futura-HeavyFix and Futura-BookFix the mod works with Futura-Md. Is there a way to get the missing fonts? Maybe from funcom directly? If anyone knows please feel free to post here or send me a PM.

You can download it via curse client or directly from

See my other mods:
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The Secret World\Data\Gui\Default\Flash\fonts_standard.swf should contain flash versions of FuturaStd-Medium, FuturaStd-Heavy, FuturaStd-MediumOblique and RusselSquareStd (according to FontConfig.xml).

As to how to load them into your own flash file? I have no idea. Try adding the whole 121KiB file to your project.
If that's not the right font set, you could try wrapping your mod around the original NametagController.swf to get at the fonts.

Then run this search.

I can't tell you which is the correct tutorial because I've never owned Flash.
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Thanks for your reply.
You are right with the FontConfig.xml and the fonts_standard.swf in the flash-directory. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to embed the embedded fonts of another *.swf into the namecontroller.fla.
Originally Posted by Psithief View Post
If that's not the right font set, you could try wrapping your mod around the original NametagController.swf to get at the fonts.
And this is what I'm trying to do now. Actually I want to touch funcoms files as less as is necessary to obviate problems with upcoming patches and to encapsulate mods from original. Of course it doesn't work that way every time depending on what is going to modify.


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Default[UPDATE] Version 1.1 released

Version 1.1
  • new directory structure to avoid confusion of dates
  • option window added
  • icon added
  • easy toggle via option window
  • nearly original font


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Default[UPDATE] Version 1.2 released

Version 1.2
  • "Viper Topbar Information Overload" support added

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