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DefaultBreaking News - Fight Clubs are fun

I was just thinking last night about how fun it would be if more people spent time in the fight clubs between queue pops.

What would be super fun is if, say, the premades in the SH queue hung out in the fight club between queue pops and we could get some casual 5v5s going.

I had a team in queue for SH last night and a few of us were in the London fight club, but we couldn't fight because we were in the same group and couldn't drop group since we were queueing. The situation sparked this train of thought.

We've been doing various 2v2s and 3v3s as a Cabal late at night. We do best of 5s and then mix up the teams. I've got to say, it's the most fun I've had in this game (and I've had a good amount of fun in the other aspects / areas).
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True enough. Everyone who idles in London for Fusang or SH(/ED is a myth we all know that) could as well idle in the Fight Club. The new hip-place to idle: London Fight Club.
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This could also be a good way for solo-queuers to get to know more PvPers through duels and chatting and whatnot.

I'm going to start queueing from Cerberus London Fight Club whenever I can. Please feel free to join me if you're interested.

My game time is normally pretty late. Around 9pm - 2am CST (7-12pm Pacific).
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I will write one of these days about some ideas I have regarding what FC could do with fight clubs and pvp, bringing in elements from other MMOs and even other genres. Overall, I would say that I do agree that the fight clubs are underused and they can form the basis of sandbox pvp systems in TSW.


Although the London fight club has better placement(I.E. in London), the Seoul fight club is a much more interesting area.

London fight club is like a big box with some little boxes scattered around in it. Seoul fight club is huge and has various levels and places to hide, it's just all around a cooler spot.

This may have been changed at this point(god I hope it has) but the real thing the Seoul fight club is missing is an anima well inside it. Although it's a really cool place to fight, it's damned annoying to have to zone back in from Seoul proper every time you die.


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Originally Posted by darkbud View Post
Although the London fight club has better placement(I.E. in London), the Seoul fight club is a much more interesting area.
I agree. Seoul fight club is my favorite. But yeah, like you said, the problem is that it seems to be bugged. There is no well inside, or if there is, it's not working. You respawn outside the fight club when you die and have to navigate through Seoul and sit through a loading screen every time you die. Annoying.

It also seems that some people, usually from other factions, cannot enter it. I think it's a bug.
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Originally Posted by samuraituretsky View Post
It also seems that some people, usually from other factions, cannot enter it. I think it's a bug.
It has already been fixed, as demonstrated yesterday.

Another thing that was demonstrated yesterday is that fight clubs allow 10v10 fights.


I have said it before. Fight clubs need one thing stat:



So, I'm gonna go stand in a fight club and chant, "His name is Robert Paulson." over and over.
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ranked fights ranked fights ranked fights ranked fights ranked fights
Yes, from AO.

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