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FuncomThe best kind of goodbye…

…is one where you don’t really have to say goodbye at all.

I’ve told some people, mostly in the company and the mods, about the news. But I have yet to break it to you, my dear community. Some things occurred during the restructure.

Yes, this means exactly what you think. After March 15th, 2013, I will no longer be working for Funcom as your Community Manager. After 3 amazing years with Funcom, starting off as a little ol’ GM, my time on this ride will come to an end. Surprising? Yes. Scary? BRING IT ON WORLD!!!

Remember: Don’t Panic.

Some of you will remember when I first got here, still dazed from the drugs the CoV gives you when they find someone they want. I was to be the shepherd of this herd of sharks, and you showed me that a gaming community can be smart, kind, and amazingly creative, especially when nurtured with the right goodies. And I have the utmost faith that you will continue to grow into one of the best online communities the gaming industry has to offer.

I see when the newbies come onto the forums with questions, and you guys answer right away.

I see when players get frustrated with content, and you come to their rescue with offers of knowledge and experience.

I see your passion for making this game and its community one of the best out there.

You can easily keep this up without me. This community is incredibly strong and tight-knit, without being completely exclusive. You welcome new people with open arms and help them enjoy this game just as much as you do. That is not something you see often, nowadays. And the best part is I get to still be a part of this community!

I won’t have the access that I used to, nor the tools, but I can still lurk the forums and hang out in-game! I won’t be on Morteia in-game (and once I’m no longer with FC I can tell you my player character name and totes run dungeons with you all), but I will still be on my Morteia forum account! I just won’t have the nifty blue background anymore. It might actually turn green as I’ve offered to be a volunteer mod!

Who knows, maybe some of you have run across me already and had no idea!?! Muahahaha.

What does this mean for the community? Well, now you will want to PM Effiluna or Tarib for community related questions and concerns. Unfortunately, this does mean the “Your Voice” initiative will no longer be running, but everything else should run just as smoothly without me! You still have the support of an amazing community team, as well as stellar developers, producers, and designers who are incredibly active on these boards.

So, no worries, right? We’re still friends? Good. Now, let’s go smash some faces together.



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Can i have your stuff?

Just kidding, All of us mod's are really sad to hear this news, but luckily we will have you on the team with us

*sheds a tiny tear*

<3 you Morteia
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Good to hear you'll still be around though, and best of luck in getting other employment.
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Best best BEST wishes for a wonderful future! =)

( If you ever ran with me and were the healer? Sorry about that... =) )



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Most definitely sad news, however there is a saving grace in you still staying with us.

It's always sad to hear for anyone to loses their position, so those that you have grown to love as not only your top-dog but a very close friend hurts a little bit extra.

However I have had the pleasure to know you on both fields and I hope to keep that, going forward!

Hopefully you will be doing much greater things going forward, best wishes Morteia!

Forum Moderator,

*Some of my comments may be my own and not the views of Funcom.



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Your stuff, we kan haz it?

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

I'd say goodbye, but you're not leaving, so... Hello again?


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I am very sorry to hear that you won't be working for Funcom anymore, but I am also glad you will still be around as player and volunteer mod. You have done an amazing job, and you have been the best community manager EVER!
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It is sad that you will no longer be around as Community Manager. I do recall when you first came on and being very uncertain as to what to expect. However, you have done a fabulous job and the community was definitely made stronger with you in your role. So, yes, it is sad that you wil no longer be in the role but then also happy that you will stay and play and be active still on these forums.

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It has been a pleasure knowing you Ma'dam! I wish you the best of luck. Now I am sad, and have to find a therapist
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Sad to see you go, But I wish you all the best in the future wherever you decide to work
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