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DefaultIs there a fast way to switch between decks?

Both original and mod versions of gear manager don't appear to offer any kind of quick switch between decks.

Can I map buttons or shortcuts to individual decks or have a window with all my decks always open so I can change them with one mouse button click?

If not, what is the fastest way to do it? In or out of combat.


The Venetian

See my reply here:


The Venetian

To add onto that, you can also use the /setoption chat_macro_window true

command to make a clickable list of builds.


Originally Posted by Claretta View Post
To add onto that, you can also use the /setoption chat_macro_window true

command to make a clickable list of builds.
Would you be so kind to explain that a bit more, please?


The Venetian

Ok, just say you create a build in the (original in game) gear manager called riflebloodsolo.

You then type /setoption chat_macro_window true

That will bring up a window with a macro list. You then click new macro, and in the 'content' area you would type /gearmanager use riflebloodsolo

Then click ok. This will create a macro line in the macro window. If you double click this macro, you'll instantly switch to that build and gear.
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Get the TopMenu+ (available here: and switching to a new deck is just 2 clicks ahead.


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If you are not changing gear, just build, Viper's deck manager is fantastic.

Ctrl+N or right clicking the mod icon will bring up the favorites menu. It has made it easy to have builds for specific NM bosses


I would like to thank all of you for responding and trying to help me. It's nice to know there are so many people ready to do it.

I would especially like to thank Claretta. Her/his instructions helped me make exactly the thing I wanted. Switching between decks with one click. I understand other solutions are good as well, but I really wanted to have a list of decks on the screen and now I do.

It changed my gameplay and fun I'm having a lot. Now I can switch between Aoe and Single target immediately and not be in a bad mood because I have to fight one single monster with all my Aoe attacks. It really does help!


The Venetian

Oh if you don't want to always have to type out /setoption chat_macro_window true then you can create a script in the scripts folder n the game directory.

So create a simple file and call it d (for example). then write in this file the setoption command. Then in game write /d in chat and it will display the macro window.

Or you can macro it to your keyboard if you have a macro-able keyboard.

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