After “the light” reacted kind of friendly, Yikino was eased. “the light”, it was definitely not his real name, but could it be that he was one of the Templars? More important was the fact that his new companion shared the same views on the situation like he does, which would hopefully make things easier.
But what was he doing now? A slip of paper? What are these characters? Maybe chinese. Could it be. Seconds ago he thought that it would get easier now but could it be that his new companion was a member of the Dragon? Not that it would make any difference for Yikino, but after the mission was finished it could end up in a real bloodbath if some egocentric, other society hating fool would start to attack. He pushed this thought away. He had to stay focused.
" I hope you're not afraid of the dark". Is this a joke? Man its in middle of this night, it is dark why should I … “What da?”. A spell that can create shadow around persons, thats why I couldnt feel his presence quick enough earlier. Both started to move, not looking at each other. Strange situation.