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Now for the Magic portion. Assuming Magic doesn't count as a weapon on it's own or limit the usage of my other weapons, I would mostly constrict my spells to those of the Destruction and Illusion colleges (Elder Scrolls) with a few Restoration spells to keep myself at full capacity. Destruction would be mostly used if I choose the form of a Juggernaut, but if taking a more silent, precise approach Illusion would be key, mostly spells for Invisibility. Destruction would consist of Fire based attacks as they can do the damage but leave a trap to get through.
Great idea there, and out of the TES library I would have to go with Destruction as the main, no Restoration or Illusion though instead Mystysim (I fail at spelling that) and Conjuration to make myself some kick ass equipment if mine ever failed.

Edit: No Restoration because of the probably superior healing items in the world nowadays, Restoration seems like it would only protect against magic related damage.