Im personally a fan of puzzle gameplay too, its just a problem:

- Today's players want puzzles to be solvable fast, if they need thinking, ppl use 3. part websites to solve them (people has grown too used to thotbot and wowhead ).

so then you got 2 options:

1. make puzzles dynamic, so the puzzle solver web sites cant help. Id sugest in addition, to add as much help as possible, INSIDE the game so ppl got all their wowhead/thotbot assistance to understand the puzzles, if they got a bad hair day and just want to solve it.

2. make puzzles who is solvable by a least common denominator, or make alternatives, as several roads of gameplay for non-puzzlers.

Puzzle gameplay online generally died out, and is declared a dead species for many years now by know it all devlopers making funny books, reason, is, as im shure all here know, we see ppl get tired, and no longer solve puzzles in mmorpg. Indeed, even the old Adventure genre has slowly withered and suffered a strange death due to the trend, of not using too hard puzzles.

Im all for doing it, of couse. I love it. The gamers do deserve to get more puzzle games too, it just need re tinking, to add a broader audience, as tetris, mahjong stuff, word riddles, and make ppl stop listen to wowhead