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Thread: [SECRET WAR - Do you have what it takes? | TEMPLAR TRIBUTE]

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    [SECRET WAR - Do you have what it takes? | TEMPLAR TRIBUTE]

    This video has been brought to you by

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    hehehehe - looking forward to it!



    [Wall of text incoooming!]

    Greetings Friends!
    Allow me please first in the introductory lines, to first and foremost thank Force Marshall Lannark

    for prolonging the start of the Secret World with 4 hours, so that I can make the video in time. [Marshall I owe you one!] Second, I would like to say - "BIG THANKS!" do those jerks that smashed the Councils database, and destroyed my internet connection yesterday (including the satellite one too!) so that I couldn't upload this movie at the exact time of the beginning - [We shall track you down!] which was exactly yesterday, at the awaited time of the Secret War release.

    But luckilly the Templar technicians did a fantastic job (as always), and restored all of my communication capabilities, so that I could finally upload the video if nothing else, then in keeping with the 24 hour deployment period as stated by procedure.

    And lastly I would like to thank Viper from the GUILD OF SUN cabal, for a glove in the face with which he inspired me to do this. (Hope you like what you started Viper )


    Project outline

    This video is somewhat of a tribute, to the best faction in our community. And I am not saying here, game or rankings, but community. And I truly believe this. This is in a way a BIG THANK YOU, to ALL the wonderful people that gave their sweat and blood (to speak in a Templar manner) in the last 2 years for the Templar community and its members. Therefore, in the first couple of screens you will be able to see a short history of the Templar faction in the last 2 years. Off course, many many more projects and happenings (and even more importantly - living people) hide behind the first couple of screens but we could put only the representatives in. So if I missed anything big or anyone with it - please forgive me! (You know that this goes to you all!)

    The second part (the main part) of the video is intended to encourage you all (especially the new recruits) to be active as your RL allows, and to incorporate your talents into our beloved and wonderful Templar family, for which we labored (sometimes so hard) since its conception.


    All in all, I am extremely glad to have been here for the last two years, and am extremely glad for all the wonderful Templar brethren and sisters I have met here. We have proven that our unity is firm, creative, and productive. I am glad to be able to call many of you my friends. I believe we can say the same for each other.

    And with it, therefore, the main dedication of this video goes to you all! It has been a blast of fun insofar, and I hope in you all, that you shall not cast away our hard work and fervor, but will rather build on this Legacy and will carry our Templar Family (that is how we like to call each other ) to its bright and glorious future.

    In the name of ALL the Templars your old brother Cler1c brings you

    "We are the Bastion! We stand Strong!"
    Jarlath Ninian Bede-Belmont

    ╬Templar Alliance╬

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    IMHO, the best fanvid ever made for The Secret World. Thumbs up!
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