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Thread: Historical/fictional character- Templar, Illuminati or Dragon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theurgia Goetia View Post
    I laughed my ass off

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    I laughed my ass off
    Yeah!He was fighting the evil as we do!Even we don't believe him(or anyone else),he did it at that time

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    Humour aside, I would actually say Jesus was a Dragon- he fought the establishment and the status quo with some very radical ideas- for that time: up to and including his willingness to include Gentiles in his teachings. I mean really...hanging out with prositutes, murderers....fishermen...

    Jesus would have been a pretty chaotic dude. Definitely Dragon.

    He would also have been a Democrat.

    *ducks and runs*
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    Actually, Jesus would have been the 4th. One of the names he is refered to in the Bible is The Lion. The Lion is the symbol of the Phoenecians. See the connection there ?

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    Machiavelli was no Illuminatus. You think of him as a brutal powermonger from 'The Prince', but if you read beyond the sound clips you find that even that book is all about securing the welfare of the people, even if sometimes you have to make a brutal example of a few of them. Which sound actually more like the Templars to me.

    What he considered his masterwork, though, was 'Discourses on Livy', where he goes at great length into why a republic is a trillion times better than any tyranny and how a constant civilized warfare of ideas in a republic was the essence of livelihood and progress. And from that point of view, you are getting more Dragon-ish, though I personally doubt that Dragon is really anywhere near so democratic and fair-minded.

    In other words, he really wanted the people and NOT some secret organization to run things. Crazy!

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    James Bond (He always fought within the system against his version of evil)
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Klaatu (Day the Earth Stood Still)
    Henry Ford
    Cotillion (Malazan Books of the Fallen)
    Robin Hood
    Winston Churchill
    William the Conquerer
    Tony Blair (Cherie Blair, really)
    Bobby Kotick
    Jack Warner
    Cardinal Richelieu
    Peter Kropotkin
    Gerard Winstanley (Look up The Diggers on wikipedia)
    Che Guevara... possibly, but might also fall under the other two (manipulative and cunning, as well as zealous...)
    Giacomo Casanova
    Nelson Mandela
    George Bernard Shaw
    Franklin Roosevelt
    Woodrow Wilson
    Benito Mussolini
    Mao Zedong
    Kahn Noonian Singh
    Tomas de Torquemada
    Joan of Arc
    Fidel Castro
    George Washington
    Adam Weishaupht
    Hassan Ibn Sabbah
    Lorenzo II de' Medici, Duke of Urbino
    Roderigo Borgia, Pope Alexander IV
    Benoit Mandelbrot
    Sun Tzu
    Johnny von Neumann
    Ieyasu Tokugawa

    there, fixed it for you.

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    Ayn Rand
    Anton LaVey

    Karl Marx (perhaps)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostHack View Post
    there, fixed it for you.
    Dude, you totally misspelled Templar. Totally.

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    Just popped in to say I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Solomon Kane for the Templars yet. So...

    The Templars
    Solomon Kane

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