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Thread: We lost (OOC Thread)

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    We lost (OOC Thread)


    Hey everybody this is the out of character thread for my new rp entitled We Lost un like most rp's this isn't going to have a set Main story line it will be more or less about telling your characters story in the setting i provide( though there will be plenty of world changing type events that you can latch you character onto.) That being said I suppose I should say what the setting is

    Setting: It is 20 years in the future and the darkness which now control's the world. the societies were too busy fighting with each other that they were unprepared for the final strike of the hordes of evil. The world has ended

    The world: most of the buildings and towns still stand in good condition but are showing ware from lack of maintenance. Most places are deserted, because with the beasts that now control the earth the survivors have found a nomadic life style to be safer.

    The Dragons: The dragons, having had to move the majority of their operations to outposts in Mexico now control a large group of spread out settlements in the area. The leader of this new dragon nation is an insane man who now controls his populace through a forced game of chance known as the wheel. He believes that it is a perfect way to practice chaos in this new world.

    The templar: Having lost their seat of power in the capitol of the secret world in London. They now lead a military dictatorship in new York that maintains order by waging a war against a manufactured rebellion.

    The illuminati: After the fall the Illuminati liquidated all assets(including most agents) and fell back to an old base in Alaska this base has grown into a domed city. No one knows anything other than that aside from a select few and often insane, people who survived being banished from the dome.

    Survivors: are divided into two categories
    1: Wanders, they live in nomadic tribes and generally look like people did before the fall but their cloths are much more worn and they often carry weapons.
    2: Ravers, The denizens of the internet spent their whole life secretly hopeing for the apocalips and after 20 years of it the ones that have survived are now deadly and unstable. The people in this video are more or less what I would describe them as looking and acting.

    Characters I would like you to put a character sheet up here for reference reasons and it should follow the normal format just add a section for changes after the fall. like to have five people say that they are going to be writing in the tread before I start it even if interacting with each other is up to you.
    (I hate writing these intro posts)

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    Name: Alice Trent
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Ethnicity: Demon half-breed (human mother, demon father)
    Hair: Dark brown, shoulder length.
    Eyes: Pale Blue.
    Height: 5'2"
    Build: Athletic and slim.
    Traits:Alice possesses 2 small horns on the sides of her head which she usually obscures with either a hoodie or a hat. Her skin color changes depending on physical stress eventually turning dark red.

    Allegiance: Dragon

    Clothing: She typically wears a pair of cargo pants, with a cargo belt. Her shirt is a loose sleevless with ACDC on the front. Over that she wears a feild jacket. And she also wears a satchel backpack along with an arm pouch.
    Primary weapon(s): A Beretta 92 hand pistol.
    Męlée weapon(s):2 arm-mounted hidden blades and 2 dagger/spike combos on her belt.

    Other equipment:Lockpicking set//Handcuff set// Small med kit//syringe to inject heavy painkiller, chloroform, and hallucinogen//cyanide pills//100 ID card booklet//1 caltrop package//1 Flashbang//Blue tooth headset//Anti-psychotic meds.

    Physical abilities:
    Enhanced strength: Her physical strength far exceeds average humans.
    Enhanced durability: Her skin is incredibly dense allowing her to shrug off some knife wounds and scrapes, her bones also share this immense density.
    Enhanced Sences:Alice's vision and hearing is enhanced, allowing her to see beyond the visible spectrum and hear across great distances even with physical insulation.
    Consuming: Alice can absorb the biomass of organic beings to repair injurys to her body and obtain their memorys.

    Magical abilities:
    Demon Sight-Grants her the ability to see peoples aura through walls, track auras like sonar, determine physical info from aura.
    Demon Focus-focusing kinetic energy onto marks on the bottoms of her shoes or on silver rings on her hands when she strikes an opponent with these markings it leaves a stamped seal on them. She can them detonate the energy either as an explosive force or a stunning shock.

    Touching any kind of holy weapon of object will cause irritation of the skin.

    She often has halucinations. She does take medication to help and sometimes gets aggitated without her drugs.

    Born as Alice J. Mercer, Alice experienced a brutal childhood spent in abject poverty; her first nine years were spent in foster care. When she turned 10, she was finally returned to her mother, who had spent the last nine years in prison, but for Alice it was better to be in foster care.

    On her 11th birthday she had finally been adopted to a nice family. They had raised her in Gainesville, Florida. She had a younger sister named Dana Trent whom she had watched out for almost like a parental figure.

    The two had been homeschooled until Alice was 13 years old which is when everything changed. Her adoptive father and herself had gone to the bank, shortly after they had arrived a group of people had broken into the bank threatening to kill everyone inside if they weren't paid. One of the people grabbed Alice and was holding her hostage telling the police outside that she would die. Her father tried to stop the man, trying to get the gun away from him but he fired 3 rounds into his chest. The police raided the room and managed to detain the criminals. The doctors on scene tried to save Alice's father but were unable to do so.

    Over the next 3 years her mother had started drinking. She constantly beat Alice blaming her for the fact that her husband had died. She abused Alice and Dana as much as possible. Eventually she was arrested and the two were placed into foster care. Alice had been the only parental figure for her sister.

    When the new school year had started Alice and Dana had gone their seperate routes, Dana being very popular in the school while Alice became a loner. She was very intelligent and had high marks with the teachers but her own social status with the students was non-existent. When she was 17 she had been sent to see a psychologist after she had said that she's been hearing voices and seeing people who aren't really there, She had also begun to have nightmares almost nightly of horrific events.

    One day while driving home from school, Alice had taken a detour into the city to go and pick up some groceries for herself and Dana. While she was driving she went past an alleyway and saw someone who looked about Dana's age being abused by 2 guys. She wanted to just drive by but she had decided to try and help the girl. She managed to distract the guys long enough that the girl was able to get away, however They had cornered Alice in the alley and began beating her. During the beating Alice had slipped unconcious. When she had finally regained conciousness the grounds were covered in blood and the corpses of the men were ripped apart and strung up connected to black slimy tendrils that in some parts were glowing, She had found some on her but they were moving around on her and eventually had merged into her body.

    Moments later the police had arrived and Alice being the only person left there was afraid that they would beleive that she had killed these men. So Alice ran away from the scene, she managed to get back to the foster home where she and her sister had been living for the last while and broke into the building. Alice thought the entire ordeal was overwith but when she had gotten into her room, her sister screamed and ran from Alice. Alice didn't understand why Dana would run from her until she had noticed her reflection in the mirror. Perched just above her ears were small crooked horns, and her own skin was blood red. She was scared of herself to. Then she heard the police outside and that they were surrounding the building. Alice grabbed a spare hoody to wear to hide her new horns and ran away.

    She went on the run using some wilderness survive skills she had learned. During this time the voice in her head grew louder, and on even a few occasions she started started listening to her halucination which lead her to do things she wouldnt normally do. She tried to dismiss them as just her going insane which suited her for a while. After a while she had eventually been worn down by exposure and her constant mental stress and collapsed in an old run down building. During that night she had gotten her first taste of the secret world as a vampire was using the building to hide after being chased down by some dragon agents. She ran and hid inside a small closet as the Agents entered and started fighting the monster, Alice was amazed at the fighting skills and powers they used against the creature, however they were slowly being overcome as the vampire managed to pick them off. Something in Alice pulled her as she ran out of the closet and started fighting the vampire with her bare fists with the agents in shock from her appearance. After completely exhausting her own strength from the fight she managed to bring down the vampire. She had forgotten however that the dragon agents in the room had no idea about her and she tried running away but could hardly move as they cornered her, she was scared about what they would do to her, but they instead actually held out their hands to thank her. Alice was completely in shock from someone actually thanking her instead of stabbing her. She looked back to the closet where she was hiding and the man was gone. The dragon managed to help her out of the building and even setting up a new life for her as a fellow dragon agent and part time stripper for money.

    The Dragon had told her what she was, her ancestry. Over the next few months Alice had learned to control her demonic powers with ease, along with the intense physical training that she was experiencing the Dragon had tought her the meaning of true chaos and how it should be used for the goals of the world. They had also helped her to suppress her halucinations to managable degrees. Alice serves the Dragon unquestioningly as they had given Alice a life finally, although Alice does often wonder about what happened to her old life with Dana she doesn't dare call her out of fear of what might happen.

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    After the Fall:
    During the fall Alice was sent on numerous missions to prevent the worlds destruction, mostly gathering different magic spells for the Dragon. Eventually the current leader had fallen ill and died shortly after, Alice grew scared of the new head and it didnt help anymore that the Dragon leader had made an attempt on her life. She once again ran away broken and confused, the people who had given her a new life had taken it away just as quickly. After travelling for a year Alice had made her way to the illuminati where their cheif scientists began experimenting on her which changed her powers and made her skin perminatly red. After a while she escaped but lost all memories of her time at the illuminati. After a year of travelling Alice had ran across a wondering man who was possesed by a demon, she figured he may be the best option of survival and has since then never left his side for the sake of her life and her sanity.

    Alice's appearence has changed somewhat since the world ended. Her old stolen orochi uniform has lost its jacket and she has switched from wearing a hooded long sleeve shirt to a looser tank-top. The claws that used to poke through her finger tips have now dominated most of her tips. Her horns have also grown thicker and now the points are much sharper. She has managed to hold onto most of her old gear save for 1 wrist blade and her belt knives and her spikes but her old spikes now are broken but what remains of them is still useful in her eyes. Alice has become more feral and distrustful of humans. Her magic was changed to where she can control animals and nature itself although its not perfect, more like she is giving the world suggestions that can always be rejected, her influence does not extend to intelligent lifeforms as they are to strong willed. She now lives as a nomad in the wastelands of the new earth.

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    Year 2032 Bio

    Name: Aedan Morgen Llewellyn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 48
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair: Bald-headed, reddish-blonde beard
    Eyes: Gray-blue
    Height: 6'
    Build: Broad, slightly overweight
    Defining features: Mole on lower neck on the left side, small mole on left cheek, bushy eyebrows, lumpy head, scars on right shoulder and chest

    Allegiance: Templar defect, independent

    Clothing: Old leather jacket, white button-up shirt, woven wool red tie, black worker's jeans

    Weapons: He still carries Ryuusei Muramasa, a cursed katana which cannot be sheathed unless it tastes blood. Aedan cannot separate from it, or else the new owner will adopt its own bloodlust for him, and he cannot destroy it. Also carries a well-dented jo (short staff) sometimes.

    Other equipment: Pocket watch with Illuminati insignia, pentagram pendant and quartz crystal pendant.

    Physical abilities: His greatest attribute is endurance. He is horrible at running, but can do fair for long-distances since he can hold out. He can also swim very well, but cannot dive underwater more than six feet.

    Magical abilities: Healing magic and some blood magic; he cannot heal himself where his Muramasa sword has cut. Does well with dousing.

    Other abilities: Excellent at mathematics, computers, and general electronics. Years experience with Shaolin Kempo (Kung Fu), 2nd Dan in Aikido. Decades training with a katana.

    Weaknesses: Bad hip and knee joints; mildly schizophrenic.

    Born in Utah Valley, raised as LDS (Mormon), he crossed paths the Illuminati while on a proselyting mission in Germany. His family traditionally were blood-line Templars, although after years of family research has put that in question (other Llewellyns seemed to be blood-line Illuminati, the division happened somewhere between the 15th and 17th century). He chose to join the Templar cause, and for years remained an non-ranking member as he pursued a Masters and PhD in physics, periodically accepting investigative and training missions from his superiors. Due to some life events, he dropped out of graduate school (only having received a Masters) and worked as an intelligence officer for Templar HQ.

    After the Fall:
    Most of his family were killed by unknown beasts. After working years under a Templar project that wiped out many innocents, he defected. He now lives as a nomad, but prefers world traveler. His main goal in life is to destroy his sword and is searching for whatever knowledge that pertains to it.

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    I've got high hopes now

    Name: Jack McCloud now know as Mad Jack
    Ethnicity: Irish

    Hair: Long and black but the ends are still his trade mark purple
    Eyes: pure black
    Height: 6'2"
    Build: A bit scrawny
    Defining features: His left arm now ends in a clawed hand, His mouth has a few random fangs sticking out, and he is a grayish kind of pale

    Allegiance: banished from Illuminati

    Clothing: Blue suit pants, a orange button up, and a blue tie all in a state of server wear
    Primary weapon(s): A m1897 shot gun with a bayonet
    Secondary weapon(s): A medium sized sickle

    Physical abilities: Good with Guns. Mainly mid range rifles and pistols
    Magical abilities: none
    Other abilities: He has a demon living symbiotically with him.
    Powers when in control: Long claws
    heightened strength and agility
    fang like teeth
    ability to drive sentient beings insane by pumping maddens into them
    he gains power from doing the above
    a powerful poison that drips from the teeth and claws
    weakness to holy energy

    Background: Jack was born in northern Ireland and grow up causing trouble with his friends but at 18 he left to London for more excitement which is where he was recruited to the templar. on the first missions he was added to a veteran team to go check on some odd happenings on a deserted island. But his ill-informed team ran into some unknown complications and he woke up to a voice whispering in his head and a templar with a gun pointed at his fore head at which point he blacked out and woke up in an illuminati transport were a man offered him to join the illuminati for power and a chance at revenge.

    After the fall: Jack spent the first five years after the fall raising in rank amongst the illuminati, but was banished after they suspected him of being corrupted by sym. He spent the next five years on the run in the Canadian wastes from the executioner that fallowed him out of the city. When the man finally caught Jack he found Jack to have lost his mind and melded with the demon inside him. Now having dubbed himself mad Jack he wanders the wastes with a secret plan to one day destroy the illuminati

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    Name of Character:
    Cain Sephyr a.k.a. Havoc

    Faction Affiliation:
    Dragon, but is suspected to have had communication with a Illuminati operative.

    Physical Statistics & Appearance:
    Eighteen year old Cain has raven black hair of neck length. He combs it over to the side. He has shaven the right side of his head (only the side).
    He is 1.75m high and of normal, but fit body build. He has an atletic, but not muscular tone.

    * Black paintball-mask with a mad grin.
    * Green/White In-Ear headset w/a small Dragon logo on. BT connection to his smart phone.
    * Dark green hoodie w/the "Cry Havoc!" printed on the back and a zipper up the front of it.
    * Slightly lose fitting jeans
    * Green/white basketball sneakers
    * Green/White Courier bag
    * Scooter (Go Ped Trail Ripper w/motor)

    * Damascus Blade Butterfly Knife attached to courier bag for easy access.
    * P90 - automated weapon
    * Kunai throwing knives (several)

    Fighting style/Powers:
    Mainly an elemental mage. His main strength is 'Wind', but has also acquired good control over 'Lightning'. He has already reached a level of control over Wind that enables him to control individual strands with each finger.
    Also has the skill to combine elemental powers to some degree. I.e. create small palm sized balls of electricity contained by air.
    Not skillfull at the time with the other elements, and to reach his full potential with elemental manipulation he is dependant on listening to music.
    His preferred genre can vary from the situation; f.ex. he prefers Dubstep when in combat since it is fast paced and varied...this helps him to very quickly form individual and varied forms of attacks.
    His effective range of attack is approx. up to 15m meters.

    Cain also received martial arts training from Alyssa. So he has the necessary skills to defend himself or take down someone by himself, but if his target is trained as well he will probably have his hands full defending himself.
    He is acrobatic enough to move fluidly over obstacles. The need for this arose after having to escape the law often as a teenager.

    Summary of skilllevel:
    * Wind 4/5 (assisted by music). 2.5/5 (unassisted)
    = (4/5) Ability to throw/push a grown man with ease if using one concentrated blast. Many small are capable of lifting/bending/throwing smaller objects (up to tv size) or limbs.
    = (2.5/5) Loses finess capabilities.

    * Lightning 2.5/5 (stun/singe/shock but not kill)

    * Water 0/5

    * Fire 1/5

    * Earth 0/5

    //Background file on Cain of House Zephyr//
    Cain is kid from the gutters of London city. Supposedly his dad was never around and his mum was a teenage junkie hardly capable of taking care of herself. Investigations into his past has revealed that his mother was supposedly going crazy nearing the end. She had kept on about demons and evil spirits hiding in the shadows...watching her. Needless to say no one believed her, but judging from Cain's powers; she probably had some skills she was unaware of herself. This does tend to draw the attention of spirits and the likes of them.

    Cain was 3 years old when Alyssa Harrold of House Zephyr,a Dragon operative, took him into her custody. She had been aware of someone 'awakening' in her neighbourhood, but had not located the individual yet. One night she felt a strong magical surge and hastily threw on her coat and went out into the dark to search the area. She didn't feel anything similar to the first surge again, but the magical residues where still palpable. In a dank alley she found a horrific scene that was hard to cope with even for her; a seasoned field operative. Her depiction went like this;

    "The whole alley looked like a slaughter house had been hit by a tornado. The smell of sulphur was the first thing to greet you - clearly demons had been present there earlier. Their work could be witness near the end of the alley...a young girl, no more than 18'ish, lay butchered amongst old McDonald's soda cups and old newspapers. Her gut was cut open with a horizontal slash and she had several smaller cuts on her chest and the inside of her arms. I found those strange defensive wounds and soon understood that it wasn't herself she had been trying to shield. behind her, covered in blood and garbage, was an undernourished little boy. The eerie thing was how quiet he was...he just sat there taking turns studying the grizzly scene and me. His eyes big dark eyes not revealing any emotions. His mother had placed a large headset on him, presumably an attempt to spare him from the horror she had seen coming, and I could hear the bass thumping from them. I didn't suspect there was anything special about him until I tried to take him with me. As I bent down in front of him he reached out towards me as if begging to be picked up, but before I knew it I was thrown backwards towards the entrance of the alley. His elemental skills was raw and sloppy, but very powerful for someone so young. Seemingly wielded at an instinctive level. As I made my way back to him, still just sitting there listening to his music, I did my best to soothe him with smiles and a calm behaviour. After a little while he seemed to sense that I didn't mean him harm and unsteadily got to his feet and made his way towards me. As he did his headphones fell off and suddenly he was nothing more than a baby again. It was as if a spell had broken and he burst into tears. I hurriedly brought him back to my apartment and tried my best to soothe him. He soon fell a sleep out of exhaustion and that's when I rang you guys for a clean up.
    I'll never understand how that boy managed to get out of that alley without a single physical wound...

    The rest is history and the infant was named Cain and put in the custody of Alyssa by her request. He adopted Sephyr as a surname as an honorific of his House. As he became of age he received extensive training by her; she is a veteran elementalist and he soon harnessed the power within him. It was reported by Alyssa that his control of the elements is poorer when he doesn't listen to his music. When he does however his control is said to rival even her own.

    At the age of eighteen he was made an active operative. His behaviour thus far has been erratic. He has a hard time dealing with superiors, has a tendency to go overboard in stressful situations and has on several occasions risked public use of his powers to pull childish pranks on civilians.

    Suggestion: Handle with care and take heed of his volatile nature.

    * Good natural instincts (sensing danger etc)
    * Quick to react due to training. Able to lash out in crisis without having to think.
    * Acrobatic mover.

    * Quick to spring into action, but has a tendency to not think ahead. Resulting in dangerous situations.
    * Doesn't appear to care much for his own or others safety.

    Personality Type:
    * Rowdy, in your face attitude.
    * Cocky, over-confident nature.
    * Tendency to mess around with people. Picking fights.

    After the Fall:

    Cain always enjoyed his own company, but this was ridiculous. Everywhere he went there were empty houses and streets. He had been cruising the countryside on his scooter which thankfully didn't use much gas, but the wasn't big either so he kept having to gather more. He was taking one day at a time. Going back to the new Dragon HQ was out of the option after the fuzz he had caused there...most likely that madman had people looking for him still. Cain found himself missing the days in House Zephyr when things where simple.
    These days he was content roaming the nation on his own little Chaos Tour.
    His Illuminati contact, Jay had called him a couple of weeks ago, informing him about their little bubble. Jay was enjoying his early pension in safety and had offered trying to get Cain in the good grace of his superiors if he would do some jobs for him. Cain had never felt much loyalty towards the Dragon, it had always been Alyssa he had followed but now that she was dead he didn't see why he should stay exclusive anymore.
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    Jay are you planing on haveing him be an active member of the dragons

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    Jay remember you need to add After the Fall: into the bio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnyCyanide View Post
    Jay are you planing on haveing him be an active member of the dragons
    I was thinking of having him freelance the "waste" for a time. A youth raging against the rules and authority, but on paper he will for the time being still remain a dragon. Even if he is more bound towards his House than the Dragon as a whole.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Dynogamer View Post
    Jay remember you need to add After the Fall: into the bio.
    Ah, ofc...sloppy reading on my part. I'll want to give that a good focus so is it ok if I edit that in at a slightly later time? I'll try and get it up soon.
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