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Thread: We lost (OOC Thread)

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    I mean we can still understand what is happening despite having people in completely different places.

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    And it gives me something to do while being bored at work, well at least every now and then.
    Rest of the time, recipie surfing for stuff I can try and make later on. Like dinner for tonight

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    Desanion.. you need to learn to wait for the people who you actually act against will answer you nothing has really happened since your last post. Patience .D

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    I know, I just completely forgot to add the last part ... and as it was a bit too long to edit it in a single post, I just got it posted in a separate one. Sorry for making it feel like I am trying to rush things.

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    try and edit it in? Would be much better that way

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    Eh I'm just waiting atm for Johney to post since it feels like he would be the first to have a thought after this then myself.

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    I am combining handball watching (Sweden vs Serbia) and listing to my guild do heroic something raid thingy in wow

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayBrand View Post
    Exactly. He just set the scene and our characters are living in this open world. He does have the power to call into play certain World Events etc though.

    Think of it as TSW: The Fall and he is Funcom
    If The Secret World is going to be an open world game, there might as well be open world RP threads.

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    Um, Johnny, that isn't a normal tunnel, it's an Agartha tunnel, meaning it leads to the Inner World (a world inside the Earth's crust). As Agartha is teeming with darkness, however, Desanion isn't willing to go through, so he is trying to get out the way he got in the subway.

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    I know but at the end of the post he was still in the tunnel of light no. Because based on your and dyno's posts the gate to agratha was a bit up the tunnel and as far as jack knows your just going to book it.

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