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Thread: We lost (OOC Thread)

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    Um Johney fair warning. Jack's going to get the crap beaten out of him for a minute.

    Also I am not letting Daniel be killed off, the fact she was a plant user was a small hint for later plans plus Sarah is the daughter of my first TSW RP chara who I gave alot of time and effort to create a life for him to hell with the thought of her being alone in this world.

    Also so nobody does anything, she is will be taking Alice away for a minute. From their all violence is directed upon myself and the others will be around the town, albiet with trained snipers watching them from the towers but for the most part you guys will be allowed to walk around and talk without any combat perfect for character building moments and great dialouges. The list of civilians will be provided once Alice and Sarah are out of the town.

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    Now I'm not saying it would be impossible to retcon her dyno but you do remember that she got riddled full of raver bullets after torching the kid right.

    Ps I already knew jack was going to get the shit kicked out of him.

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    Thats kinda what the whole idea behind she's a plant mage was for. To say that no your talking about the wrong girl. Which is why she's going to go examine for herself where you said and will be taking Alice as insurance. I know what I'm doing.

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    Also you can keep in mind that Alex and Jack met along time ago, before the fall, So if you want Jack can sort of recollect the feeling of Alex's Holy silver guantlets. Which would give him an idea as to the girl he just met and not make her a stranger to them all.

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    Ok for the town. Drakesville.

    Crappy MSPaint drawing.
    Small blue boxes=Small crappy housing.
    Large blue box=Armery of all weapons.
    Red pentagons=Medical tents.
    Large field=Farm
    Green bushes=trees.
    Black walls=Town walls.
    Grey boxes=Watch towers
    Center building=Dining hall.

    The town houses 100 civilians not including children or Sarah.
    50 soldiers 25 married.
    14 medical mages 10 married.
    10 farmers 6 married.
    13 agriculteral mages 8 married.
    7 mechanics 5 married.
    6 hunters 2 married.

    Enjoy your time in drakesville. You have your controllable NPC listings and map concept(add in whatever you want).

    And for OCC on Jack's comment. Both Alex, Jason, and Jessica Drake are deceased, Jason during the fall, Jessica was murdered then raped by ravers (Sarah watching while in hiding), and Alex in a massive battle for the village. Jack is not in the town nobody knows if he's alive or dead somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayBrand View Post
    You could always abandon ship and make a little hermit's hut in the mountains. Living a simple life of drawing mountain lions and ants for a living?
    Do not tempt me woman!... wait...


    And I have no longer any idea whats happening in this rp... *utterly confused*

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    Hey when all is said and done you can jump ship and stay in the town, I won't have Sarah bother you and for Sai it can be a nice stable life style. Plus there's plenty of writing opportunitys in the town.

    Edit: Basicly through our 20+ posts I have taken away most if not all of the violence and frustration with Sarah, and Alice whose been the cause of all the fight scenes so far in this RP. So now all thats left are you 3 in a town of 100 people who are all friendly enough and theres not really any violence so your free for slow calm character growth for the next while.

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    Sai doesn't like people, nor does she like towns, what on earth makes you think she would want to stay in one. Sai is a loner of personality, she will never settle down in a town

    It's just that you two (you and Des) jump into every single oppertunity to get some action, show off powers etc, and you keep posting in huge blocks of text thats hard to read and understand.
    (I believe I mentioned this before.. )
    It's simply hard to keep up with you, thats all

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    Well the large blocks of text are gone for now. It's you and Jack's show again guest starring desa.

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    I plan on most of Rex's conflicts will be against monsters, I mainly put in the exploit he had against the three wendigos to show exactly how much he hates monsters. One thing to know about Rex is he is basically on a mission to find his comrades, also known as the Guardians. He may mention them from time to time, wether they are actually alive is yet to be determined...

    If everyone is still in Drakesville, Marcus would probably be heading in that direction, looking for friendly faces.

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