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Thread: We Lost (RP)

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    Desanion saw the town but he could feel something wasn't right. There was something in that town, some sort of presence that wanted to stay out of sight... But Desanion quickly dismissed it. It was, after all, just a town. He descended untill he was just a few feet away from the ground and the car. The newly formed friend, the eagle, dived along with them and flew along with the two as they neared the town.

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    * Oh you have got to be kidding me *

    She noted the town in the distance as well, and if there was one thing she really really did not want it was another town to have to go into. She would rather get out of the car now and walk. Still she decided to keep still about it, maybe they would just drive past it and stay out of silly idiotic trouble for now.

    She noted that the hunter was still with them, she really didn't understand him much. With the first impression he had made, why the hell would he choose to follow their little group. She just had to wonder what his motive was, it wasn't as if they needed him.

    She kept her eyes on the town ahead, hoping and praying innside that they weren't heading into another town.

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    Jack thought for a second as he lay there in the back of the car. "A town could have a bakery, and I could go for some pie. No, wait we're in bread country better hold out till we cross the state line. Bread tends to hate our kind little one." Jack frowned at his last sentence. * That dosn't seem right I was eating bread the other day and it was just fine. I must be thinking of something else.* he thought as he shifted into a seated position and examined the town. "No, no, no, there wouldn't be a baker there. It's too disheveled."

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    Quote Originally Posted by LitÓ View Post
    " So, lets go back home, I so want to test something out!"

    As is usual with trips, the journey home seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. Complimented by tunes from their new sound-system of course.

    The buggy entered the concrete jungle as the sun was nearing the end of it's decent into the mountains on the horizon. It's rays coloured the remaining glass-covered building in a beautiful hue.

    Parking down under the hotel, Varg placed what they didn't need for the moment in their secure storage. The rest he tried to balance as best he could while making his way back up the service-entrance meant for the hotel staff.

    As they reached the floor that contained the door leading to the lobby he stopped dead. Spread-eagled on the stairs lay a faceless raver. The shotgun fastened over the door had emptied it's shells with success.

    "Aili...seems we got a roach infestation again." he said in a low voice. He carefully put what he was carrying on the ground and brought his customized knuckledusters out from his jacket pocket.

    "Want to stay here while I clear the floors?"
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    Alice kept on driving noticing how Sai did not seem happy about the prospect of going into a town, and Jack was going on about pies and bread which for the first time she had no idea what he was talking about but it seemed like he did not want to head into the town, she was kind of disappointed, she had thought it was interesting but then she remembered the last time she had tried to show off something she thought was interesting and found that hunter, the same man who was now tail gating her. She would gladly slam on the breaks just to hit him, however she notices the bird following him and did not want to harm the animal. Suddenly as they got closer the radio seemed to spark to life and a voice came through, a female voice. "jackal, daniel, Boys please tell me that's you I see from the watch tower, Drake over." the woman said seeming to be waiting for a response from Alice and the other but she could hear over the speakers that whoever was on the other end was messing with something. "*gasp* who are you people?! What have you done with my friends?!" the woman said, Alice turned her head and saw that from the tower there was a light reflecting off of something and the woman standing ontop of the tower. Suddenly the car seemed to sputter and stop, then the doors had locked. Alice could see in the distance from the town a horde of armed men began approaching the 3 now trapped in the car.

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    Ark looked at what appeared to be a tower in the distance, when suddenly he could see armed men descending towards them. What's more, the car stopped and it seemed that the three were trapped inside.

    "We need to do something!"
    "Let me jump in front of the car, cover me from above!"

    Ark nodded and Desanion jumped on the ground, where the enemies were starting to show up. Some of them were armed, but they were busy shooting at Ark, or just plain confused by him. Unfortunately that wasn't going to last forever, but he could only hope for the best. He took out his katana and started to defend his position, slashing at his enemies and occasionally blasting a few of them with his energy.

    Ark was currently making them shoot him, sometimes diving in and snatching a foe only to let him go a few meters in the air. He couldn't use his powers though as that would weaken Desanion too much for him to go on.

    The eagle was looking at the two, confused. Why were they fighting? It looked at the vehicle and then realized: They were protecting their kin. It descended and landed next to the windshield, looking at the three, and began using its beak to try to break the windshield. Luckly, it was already cracked, which meant that the bird managed to weaken it enough for the people inside to smash through. Having the job done, the bird started flying again, back to the man that gave him his first meal in days.

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    * 15 years of no trouble.. and now this *

    Sai sighed very loudly this time when she noticed what was happening with the car. She also saw the same dumb hunter from before taking action, as if they really weren't able to handle it on their own.

    - That shield would make no trouble -

    Gere was now watching as well, from his position in the back, as always her companions were ready for another fight. Sai on the other hand was not, and was silently once more questioning herself why she put herself in this position.

    " Do the two of you attract these kinda things? "

    Her voice was half serious, half mocking in Sai's own rather strange way. She just didn't like these kinda things, and now she seemed to be getting into them all the time almost like back in the days when she was ordered around by her Dragon bosses. She had no desire to fight though, so she simply stayed put. Sure if she was actually needed she would join, but if not, she saw no reason to do anything stupid.

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    The trip home had been wonderfully relaxing. Music in the buggy, a buggy full of things that she couldn't wait to get her hands on, and to top it off, she knew very well that she had something extra with her that he would love and she hadn't told him about. It was his birthday soon, so it was part of her birthday gift for him

    " Home sweet home "

    She said the words as their "apartment" came into sight and she knew that she would soon know if they would be watching movies tonight or not. But her thoughts were rather short-lived when she noticed that they had someone in their home. She didn't like him going alone though, even though she knew he mostly handles stuff best that way.

    " Be careful, and call if you need me.. "

    She disliked not seeing what he was doing like she normally did back in the day. She was used to following his every move with a digital camera, but she had no such look in this world yet.

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    "Shoo bird this is a new car!" Jack shouted as he tried to scare off the bird that was cracking the window. "I'm going to get my lawyer." he said whacking his fist as the bird flew off. Shaking his head he looked back at the hunter. "Normaly no, we tend to keep a low profile, like cats." Jack started to grin again, but the smile fell as he remembered what was happening. "Damn bird man! I would have liked to talk to the angry people."

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    "RAAAWWW" one woman in the back screamed as something on her wrist lit up bright as a star which then Ejected from her wrist and rose into the sky, the girl below suddenly let her hands rise and massive torrents of flame and ice were collecting around the star and forming into a long serpentine shape with claws extending from 4 points and a ferocious beasts head took its place. The final product was a massive dragon suspended in the air. The woman ran through the crowd with a semi-automatic in her hand and her face seemingly covered in tears. As she came into view Alice seemed worried and amazed by her powers and paralyzed with fear. What the bloody hell is going on?!

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