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Thread: We Lost (RP)

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    Marcus "Rex" Finch

    "Another lavish day in paradise..."

    Marcus "Rex" Finch got seperated from the rest of his crew several days ago, he briefely held up in a shanty fallout town, exactly where the town was, he didn't really know. But anything that isn't filled with zombies or wendigos looked pretty good to Rex at that point. Spending the last night fine tuning his weapons and getting ready to hit the road again.

    "Sure you don't want to stay a little longer? We could sure use someone like you." called out one of the townsfolk. She was a caretaker, and felt more comfertable having someone around that is experienced with monsters of all sizes, but Rex was a drifter, and usually can't stay in one place for long. "Nah ma'am, this place looks decently safe for now, but I gotta get out of here and go look for the rest of my team. Appreciate the offer, though."

    With his stuff packed he started wondering off in a random direction, hoping to find a friendly place. His last fight with a large rock golem forced him and his team to split up, but the downside of being nomadic is you don't know what direction to go when you are trying to find each other, and Rex's radio didn't work either. Then he noticed two cars driving by, they didn't look like they were going to stop, so Rex just kept on walking.

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    Desanion looked up at the towering beast and cursed.

    "That thing is huge... I need to stop it..."

    He ran towards Ark who was also searching for him in the crowd. The bird landed and became transparent as Desanion... stepped into him, which released a powerful shockwave. Desanion let go of more of his energy, which made the bird increase its size. It managed to become one third of the dragon's size and it took off, leaving Desanion grasping for air.

    "That took a lot out of me. I need to find someplace safe..."

    He kept blocking the attackers as his strength wore off, while a woman ran right through the crowd with a semi-automatic in hand. Desanion used all his last remaining power to erect a shield that protected the car. He then looked back at the three who were still in the vehicle.

    "Ok, can you please get out of that god-damn car and help me? Or are you just gonna stay there and wait for them to cut your throat?"

    Meanwhile Ark was currently circling the creature, which was clearly annoyed. The being used its right hand to try and grab Ark, which was a grave mistake: In his current form, anything touching it would be instantly vaporized. The creature groaned in pain as it's hand got burned, while Ark looked at the army below.

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    " Are you even sure they wanted to fight us in the first place? "

    She sighed as the idiot of a hunter kept fighting alone. She wasn't very scared of anything that had happened out there yet, and she had no wish to enter this fight. She stepped out of the car though, just in case she was needed to actually do something, or if retreating was a better idea.
    Her eyes went up to the summoned dragon in the sky, that could be half interesting against hers, but she knew that her hounds would probably be enough, and if unlucky she would have to use Uriel. She preferred not to use it now though, as it would hurt Jack and his friend.

    Both hounds were ready to take action, but they waited as well. They knew Sai well enough to know that she would rather solve this without fighting, like she always opted to when possible.

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    "no worries I have a plan!" Jack called out as he shuffled from the back seat and around the back of the car. Pulling open the trunk he quickly found and pullEd out the busted up shotgun. He popes open the break and emptied the shells into the trunk. Shaping it closed again he felt the wait of the gun. "Yep this is exactly I need." He mused with a grin as he prepared to enact his plan. Walking over to the hunter he tightened his grip on the gun. "Relax!" He called out as he rasied the gun and attempted to smack the hunter with the butt of the gun to knock him out.

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    Desanion frowned at the woman. "Yep, clearly doesn't like me."

    "I see, so an army of people coming right at you while you are trapped is actually a nice way of saying hello?" He sighed. "Well, nevertheless, I didn't kill anyone, if that's what you're afraid of. I hate doing that. And you can survive being thrown from the height Ark threw them."

    He looked at the sky, only to see that Ark was gaining altitude really fast, only to dive at a staggering speed. The dragon was hit full force and completely dissolved, making Ark revert back to his normal size. He then realized what he had been doing. He and Desanion were doing the exact same thing the two demons did when they were in the town: fighting people who may have been innocent. He flied towards the four, passed through the shield and looked at Desanion, clearly angry.

    "You are short-sighted! What's the matter with you? When I said that we had to do something I meant we needed to set up a perimeter. But your actions have influenced us to do the wrong thing." He looked at Jack and asked him kindly: "Please leave this to me."

    Ark looked at the young woman who was clearly disgusted by Desanion's actions and hoped for the best as he spoke.

    "I apologize for my protege's behavior. He is not usually like this... and as the two of us are mentally linked, him being in control, I cannot stop him unless he is mentally exhausted. I believe the behavior is due to his earlier direct contact with Jack's demonic energy... I hope it will not leave permanent marks..."

    Desanion frowned as he thought of it all. "He's right... what was I thinking?"

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    The men from the town had all assembled themselves orderly with their rifles trained on the four. The woman who has summoned the dragon from earlier was pushing her way through the group until she had reached the four now hiding behind a sheild, she had raised her gun and now being this close you could tell some details about her, Her hair was dirty blond in color and traveled down her small frame to her chest, her skin looked pretty tan from the sunlight. Her clothing was very gothic in style, very dark, the only things that stuck out were a weird silver bracelet on her wrist that looked like a very intricatly carved dragon with a large head biting its own tail, on her other wrist was back that looked somewhat like it was crystal clear except you could see what looked like stars in the blackness of space all hovering about and each connected intricatly by lines, on the top of the back was a large circular disk with a glowing yellow gem taking up most of the space shining like the sun. But then Alice looked at her face, she was absoultly furious and there was a bit of blood trailing down from her mouth like she had bitten down on her lip to hard, but the most important detail was that she had tears running down her face from her brilliant blue eyes. She was very young, probably just turned 20.

    "I'm going to ask again, as many times as it takes! Where are Daniel and the others whom you stole this car from!!?" She said somewhat shaking, she was in pain. Then the strangest thing happen, the bracelet on her wrist moved, well atleast the lower jaw did. "OY! Calm down Serah, you don't know who these people are." It said in a very deep male voice. "Shut up Garuba! These people have Daniel's car, they had to have seen her!" She said refocusing the gun.

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    Sai understood who she was talking about, it was the people Jack and Alice had killed earlier, and they clearly belonged to these people. They might not have much of a chance to end this in a peaceful way if this was ending the way it looked now.

    * Not getting into this, they got themselves into this mess, they can talk themselves out of it. *

    She still didn't understand this hunter one bit. She confused him, and he was an annoying prick in her mind. That thing that was with him was no better, it seemed very confused for being what it was. It was a bit like neither of them had control, kinda like it was between her and her final summon when she was younger. She was in control now though, although she still never really summoned her. It could still kill her if she was not careful enough.

    "Good luck with this one"

    She said it so low that only Jack and Alice could hear her, but her words pretty much told that the two were on their one explanation wise for this one.

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    Jack grinned as he dropped the shotgun. He knew how to talk if the need arouse. After all he was what was left of an Irishman. Quickly he swiped his hand infront of his face and replaced his wicked grin with a stoic look. He piped his collar and walked over to the edge of the shield to look the woman in the Eye. "I assume you mean the little one with the fire in her soul. You see me and my associate" he gestured towards Alice. "had been passing through looking for gas. We came across a group of 34s who were with her, I don't know if they were yours or not so I won't judge. Now surely based on your show a second ago" He waved his arm at the space the dragon occupied. "you must have know what she was. Well the synapsis is she lost control of the flames the men gunned her down and we barrowed the car." jack gave a sympathetic look. "The important thing is we can talk this out.

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    Sarach started to lower her gun and her head, her hair fell forward so you couldn't quite see her face but her breathing became labered. "No.. No it's not possible, Daniel was a plant elemental. She grew our crops and protected our home with me, she's a peaceful girl. She doesn't like violence... we sent her out 8 days ago for recon about a gang of ravers coming to our village." Sarah raised her head and slammed her rifle down on their sheild. "Tell me what you monsters did with her!" She screamed, she was distruaght but it also looked like something was playing at her mind. Alice was still on the ground unable to speak with everything going on, all the men surrounding her with rifles pointed. Her head began to fill with images of her rampaging throught the town, tearing these men apart, killing everything in sight and standing atop mountains of corpses drenched in the blood of her enemys ready for more. The more the images came the more exited Alice became. She tried sitting still and holding back, if she tried anything now it would jeopardize this whole deal.

    "I'm getting real tired of asking!" Sarah said as she fired a round at the sheild and the bullet seemed lodged inside. "Calm down Sarah, even if these people know what happened to her how would killing them bring her back?"Garuba said.

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    Her anger struck Jack and sunk in through the madness. He couldn't lie to her about someone she cared about this much. "I'll tell you the circumstances of her death, but I need you to relax." He pointed to Alice. "The girl on the ground over there is a time bomb and your angre will just trigger her." His face became sad and he swallowed hard. "I am being of the mind and I felt her's before her death. She had been through much in those last few days. The 34s subjected her to the type of horrors you don't recover from. She wanted to be free of those horrors. So while in her mind I triggered the release and her full power flooded into the world killing those that had wronged her." He knew that wasn't exactly how things went down but he thought of it as softing the blow for a loved one of the deceased. "She is now buried by a gas station. If it means anything she spent her last seconds in relief from her fear." Jack raised his hand and used his dark aura to cut a seam in the holy shield, and stepped through it. "Do what you must."

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