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Thread: We Lost (RP)

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    "Thanks for the drink, dude!" Cain called after him as he left to find the blond chick.

    "So...why are you sticking your neck out here, barkeep? What's in it for you?" he said as he reached for the glass and put his mad grin mask on the counter.

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    Jacob smiled as he poured himself a drink. "It's a long story involving love, loss, and more bodies than I'd care to remember." He took a quick sip straight from the bottle before returning it to the shelf. "But I suppose if you want a quick answer. Nothing tangible I'm just a character who accepts his place in the story." Jacob raised his glass poured half of it into a trash can behind the bar and downed the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayBrand View Post
    "Hmm, so we should keep an eye out for possible leaders actually. People who could help rebuild a society."
    Varg rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed.

    "Or we could just claw our way through the gutter called life." he mused as he swirled his drink. He could feel that he might be reaching that point where it would be wise to stop drinking.

    "I think I'm calling it a night, Naiem. Thanks for a decent meal and good company."

    Varg got up and bid his farewell, before walking across the hall again.
    Naiem nodded "To you as well. Sweet dreams, that there might be some sweetness left in this wretched world." The second sentence was said in vietnamese rather than english. He then made his way to his room as well and quickly rigged a door jam using a chair. Wouldn't keep an asailant out, but it'd wake him up in time to respond accordingly before once such could enter.

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    Well past midnight, a shadow moved about beneath the window to Naiem's room. It seemed a shadow indeed, soundless, immaterial and flickering, moving irregularly. What seemed odd was that nothing seemed to cast it. The next morning, there were two more Raver bodies in the dumpster.

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    Brooklyn, New York
    Loading Docks

    Twenty Templar agents patrolled the mostly empty buildings, which were one of the many places the Illuminati rebels liked to hide. They separated into pairs to easily comb the area. Though the area seemed quiet, save for the squawking of sea gulls, little did the Templar know that they were being watched. Unfortunately for them, that was when they were attacked.

    Gunfire erupted from behind a parked truck, slamming into one of the Templar. Returning fire, the surviving Templar took cover in various places. More rebels joined the fight, ambushing the Templar from behind some crates. Bullets ripped into nearby walls, kicking dust into the air.

    Conjuring electricity in his hands, a Templar unleashed a powerful lightning bolt at a tanker near the rebels, turning the fuel tank into a massive ball of broiling fire. Several of the rebels screamed as they were wreathed in flames. With fearful shouts, the rest of the rebels fled.

    Chuckling in derision at this futile rebellion, the Templar squad leader ordered his team to chase after the rebels. With hoot and hollering, the Templar gave chase, shooting at the fleeing rebels. Unfortunately for them, the battle wasn't over yet.

    No sooner had the Templar had ran about fifteen yards from the docks when what looked like a swarm of tiny, red, glowing objects streaked toward the group from an unknown source. One of the Templar yelled when the swarm hit him full on his chest and buzzed around him. The Templar leader's eyes widened in surprise to find that the objects in question were only ones and zeroes. He was even more surprised at what the affected soldier did next.

    His eyes glowing red and his face contorted in rage, the Templar whipped his gun toward his teammates and opened fire. Three Templar were killed immediately while one was wounded.

    A quick shot from the leader's weapon put the rampaging Templar down but not before the strange red numbers swarmed toward a nearby Templar, bringing about the same symptoms. Before she too could kill any more of the team, the Templar leader put a bullet through her skull.

    "Get back, dammit!" he yelled, keeping his distance from the swarming numbers. His team followed suit. Soon enough, the numbers shimmered into nonexistence.

    "Who are you?!" the leader bellowed. His yells echoed throughout the docks. Motioning quietly to his squad, the Templar leader ordered seven of his squad to take up a defensive position behind a nearby car. He ordered another six to scout ahead and ordered the last Templar to carry the wounded Templar to safer place. No sooner had he gave the order when chaos broke loose.

    A loud explosion knocked him into a pile of boxes. He bit down in pain as the force of the impact dislocated his left shoulder. Renewed gunfire erupted from nearly everywhere, effectively pinning his squad into a small but intense kill zone, with only meager cover protecting them from certain death.

    Peering toward the burning wreckage that was a parked car a few seconds ago, the Templar leader saw what remains of the seven he'd sent, some of them dying while the rest were already dead. Gritting his teeth in anger, he realized that the rebels have purposely led his squad into a trap. They were the one's responsible for booby trapping the car.

    Glancing in the direction of the Templar he'd sent to attend to his wounded teammate, he saw their still bodies laying in the distance, pieces of shrapnel embedded into their flesh.

    Two more cries alerted him to the deaths of two more squad members. He looked at the last four members of his squad, realizing that the situation is hopeless. There was no way to radio for backup. His walkie-talkie laid in pieces near where he was bodily slammed into the boxes by the blast.

    Meanwhile, some of the rebels were advancing toward his squad's location, some kind of bluish, shimmering dome protecting them from bullets. One of the Templar, out of desperation, attacked the rebels with bolts of ice energy. The attacks only encased the shield with ice, which the rebels simply shattered with gunfire before moving closer. The Templar leader swore loudly as the rebels begin mowing down the rest of his squad when they got close enough.

    Crying foul, the Templar leader raised his gun to fire when the rebels stepped aside, revealing a person he never expected: a young woman. Bluish number were streaming from the top of a strange staff she held in a hand. Frozen in disbelief and shock, the leader only watched as the girl unleashed a visible mass of electrified air.

    The Templar leader convulsed as the electricity coursed throughout his body, paralyzing his limbs. Only able to lift his head, the man only watched as the woman deactivated her shield and walked toward him with a purpose.

    Anger welled inside of him as he got a better look at the woman. He figured that she was the one behind all of this. To think that his squad was lured to their deaths because of the brutal cunning of this woman! Hell, despite her torn clothing, she looked more like a school teacher or even a librarian than a rebel leader!

    Flanked by the rebels, whose faces showed hatred for the oppressive regime of the Templar, the woman walked up to him and squatted next to him. Despite her vanilla-scented perfume and...bountiful frame, the man only felt loathing. These rebels have some nerve opposing the Templar.

    "Fortunately for you, you will live," the woman said with a British accent, glints of light reflecting off her glasses. Up close, she has a doll-like face, which added to the Templar leader's anger at being best by this worthless upstart. "But only to tell your leaders that, no matter what, we will fight them with every means imaginable until they leave this city. Tell them that they will soon know the true meaning of war."

    Despite his predicament, the man chuckled derisively. The woman simply tilted her head a s the rebels continued to glare behind her. "We, the Templar, are strong enough to even flush out your precious Illuminati from their own city!" he boasted. "What makes you think that we would let a bunch of ragtag bastards push us out?"

    One of the rebels growled and took a step forward, aiming his machine gun at the Templar leader. "I'm sick of these Templar assholes!" he barked. "Let's kill him already!"

    The woman stayed him with a hand and continued. "It's quite clear that you don't know your history, chap. Despite not being as technologically advanced as their American enemies during the Vietnam War, the Vietcong managed to hold them off long enough for the American citizens to force their government to pull out the troops. Additionally, the Afghans also forced the Soviet Union to withdraw." The woman gave the man a wink, which he found disgusting. "You see, brute force doesn't stand a chance against the will to be free or to live, coupled with brains and a general knowledge of the battlefield."

    The man scoffed. "Guerrilla warfare is useless if you can't touch the enemy . One particular agent fighting for the Templar is a man who is known only as 'Prophet'. Prophet can predict any enemy's movement before the doomed fool even consider using it himself. Mark my words, bitch, you cannot defeat him. No one can! You and all your dirty, filthy friends will die!"

    Smirking, the woman stood up. "Deliver the message to your leaders," the woman said. " Oh, I forgot. If you happen to meet this 'Prophet' and he is interested in me, tell him that I, Britannica, cannot wait for fate to cross our paths."

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    Lilja and Aili

    Lilja looked at the monster hunched down as if trying to escape the onslaught that had been brought upon it. But she felt no pity for it; it was just a monster after all. Once more the monster tried to put its hand on the barrier that kept it from fleeing, Lilja just shaking her head at it. If this had been before all of this, she might have felt something for it, but after the happenings of the fall, all that had been whisked away.

    “ So, you don’t like being treated like you treat others? Well that’s fine then, I’ll be nice and end it now. “

    The power inside the barrier increased as she started to cast her final spell, a deep dark glow engulfing her, a smirk on her face as she could see how the monster was squirming to find a hiding space. But there were no hiding spaces here and in the end it just sat still on the ground, aviating the inevitable.


    She had always felt the last part a bit anticlimactic. There were no big explosions, no huge bangs, just disappearance, as the monster dissolved into what seemed to be a sort of dust. The spell was one she had found in the last few pages of the books, it turned her enemies into dust, kinda like those old anime games one often played back then. Slowly the shield she had set up started to disappear, leaving her in something that if anyone else looked at it would seem like part of a game as well. As the runes on the ground flickered and dissipated the shield broke, and seemed to form a sparkly type dust.


    *Oh well.. I will ask him tomorrow what he thinks of this new fellow*

    Tomorrow would be a new day, and after a day off, they would simply have to be on their feet again, and get the things that they were missing. A part of her hoped this would be the last list they got, another part of her was still not sure about this dome.

    “Time will show”

    She shook her head a bit, and smiled to herself as one of her favorite part of the movie came on the screen. Later when the movie ended, she simply pressed it to start again, before dragging off most of her clothing, and curling up in bed. It was just like she had done before the fall, when she always slept with a movie on, or music on. It was never silent when she went to sleep. She had really missed it, she actually had issues falling asleep, but the sounds of them movie quickly lulled her to sleep.

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    Varg shuffled into their room and noticed Aili had fallen asleep with a cartoon still playing. He went searching for the tv-remote when a scene from the movie, where a young girl had tied up some rogue to a chair, got his attention and little laugh. He sat down on the couch.

    The next morning he was still on the couch fully dressed, snoring away with a little spittle in the corner of his mouth. The movie was just repeating its music as it stood there in its menu.
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    Aili slowly woke up to the steady music that was played over and over again. It was a nice way to wake up in her eyes, as she stretched under the blanket; she noticed she had the control in her hand still. Smiling a bit, she turned off the system, and stretched once more. She could really get used to this sleeping with sound. And she knew with the new sound system, she could get music here too, not just movies.

    *Oh… now that’s elegant..*

    She had just noticed Varg sleeping on the couch, and a part of her knew that this morning would end in her running very fast into the shower and locking the door. Sneaking silently out of bed, she grabbed her glass of water that had become quite cool over the night. Tip-toing ever so silently over to Varg, she lifted the glass and aimed for his ear. She dropped the glass pretty much instantly after the water hit, and fled like a small lightning bolt into the Bathroom locking the door. She knew that payback would come, but for now she was taking a “hot” shower and take the consequences later!

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    As Arcath left the building, he muttered another spell. Modest but highly useful utility effects really were all he could squeeze from his magic without a piece of technology to work it through, but using them intelligently, they were still a considerable advantage. It gave him the general travel direction of the person he had focused on when the person stood on the spot he focused on, provided the person had done so. Not really useful for tracking longer distances, actually it was -very- diffuse and unreliable, but it still narrowed the area he had to search down. As it were, he found her while the barrier was in the process of breaking down.

    Naiem was up with the sun and went to have himself some breakfast. His shoulders were slightly slumped and his movements a little slow, as if he didn't sleep much last night in general... or as if he had really bad mornings. If Varg or Aili came out somewhat early, they'd find him in the process of devouring some instant noodles.

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    Lilja turned around, her blue eyes fixing upon man that she was pretty sure she had seen once before today, although his clothing had changed. From memory it was the man that had caused the street commotion after the first one made his commotion. Not that it mattered to her, he had nothing she wanted. So instead of stopping and saying anything she plainly walked right passed him, she could sense one more monster somewhere in this city, no wonder she had been torn between two directions earlier in the day. It was not overly unusual though, if there was one there was very often more.

    *I guess seeing more or New York can’t be all that bad*

    She tossed a look back to make sure the last runes died out. She had it happens once or twice that they hadn’t and that always caused attention she had no need for. She assumed the man would either leave her alone, or tell her in some way why he was there if he had a wish for it. To her neither option mattered much since her only focus was to kill the next monster and then move to the next place where she could find one.

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