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Thread: We Lost (RP)

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    Alice stood silent as the two seemed to fight with eachother, well not exactly fight but they were trying to intimidate eachother. Alice was still more focused on the light she had found and was still observing it, after a while of standing infront of it Alice thought she could see something in it, a tree or collum with many outward stretching pathways and things walking along those different pathways. Alice's curiousity took hold as she stepped into the light walking through and enjoying the warmth she felt. Finally she reached the otherside where she was on one of those pathways. She had found an agartha portal.

    She went back through to Jack and the other when suddenly the man shot a light into Jack, Alice didnt know if this was an attack but her instincts took hold of herself as she drew her knives and charged at the man with an intent to kill. She focused on the roots and vines in the ground, the plantlife that had taken over the subway started moving up the mans body trying to hold him in place. Alice said as the mans aura was reveiled to herself so he would stay insight for her attack. She started feeling hot as her demonic half went through her.

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    Desanion tried breaking away from the natural prison, but it seemed as if the branches suddenly became a lot denser.

    "Don't struggle, this may turn out well. If the other one is in control of his own body, then it would be a good idea to play nice."

    "Well, he'd better hurry. I don't like the way she's looking at me. She's clearly out for blood."

    What was even worse was the fact that the attack cought him off guard so well he lost his katana, which was now on the subway floor. Having no way to defend himself except for his energy, things really were heading south, and fast.

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    The itch went away and he felt the burn of holy energy, but that was about all that Jack felt when he was hit by the beam. *The hell was that.* it caused him to pause for a second. *must be some kind of stunt to weaken me. Seems he plans for this to go south.* Before he could say anything Alice came charging at the man with blood lust in her eyes. "Son of a bitch! I told you she had battle lust!" Jack sent out the tendrils of madness and gripped Alice's mind. *Enough! This not how you handle an execution.* he implanted in her mind. "but hold him tied." He said as he began to unscrew the bayonet from his gun.

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    Desanion suddenly remembered breathing after seeing her charge towards him, only to be stopped by the other demon.

    "Ok, Ark, you are one hell of a leap of faith..."

    Ark chose to remain silent for the time being however, so Desanion turned his attention towards the two. The man was unscrewing the bayonette off his weapon, which certainly wasn't a good sign. But he wanted to see where this was going to lead so he waited for the man to make his move.

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    Alice couldnt calm down even after Jacks orders, she needed a release for herself now. She took a step towards the now bound man as the roots climbed higher and higher up his body, wraping tighter and tighter. She took her knife and planted it in his shoulder cutting just enough to watch as the warm fresh blood spilled out, she held out a finger to collect some then she put it to her mouth and drank it. She didnt care much for the blood itself but it felt good and she had managed to release her built up tension. She looked at him with a very sly smile, like she knew that she was going to make even more of his blood spill. Then she noticed the katana on the ground, somewhat a fashion weapon to the dragon. She focused and the roots started wrapping around the sheathed blade pulling it into the ground.

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    Jack grimaced as she cut the man's shoulder. "That looked painful, but you did bring it on yourself." As he said this he laid the shotgun on the ground lightly griping the bayonet in his human hand. He walked up to the bound man, and shot a look at Alice telling her not to do anything with out his say so. "Now I don't take kindly to you white knight types, but I can generally forgive it when they don't attack me." Jack held the blade up to the man's neck. "Luckly you caught me after meeting an old friend. So one last chance. Why shouldn't I let Alice go to town on you." Then he grinned. "Or would you prefer the bayonet."

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    "You just had to do that, didn't you?" Desanion thought as she drank his blood. He smirked.

    "I should have told you... my blood isn't the ordinary type." Having Ark inside him changed more than just his eye color. His blood now has the properties of Holy Water, though 10 times less potent: not enough to cause permanent damage, but it would hurt. Badly.

    Just as the half-blood was starting to sense the side-effects, Desanion's wound started to heal, albeit slowly. He looked back at the two, realizing that a way out would still be difficult, especially with his katana buried under trees.

    "As I said, I'm not here to cause trouble, but to mend it. And surely you do realize that. Or did the adrenaline rush stop you from seeing that you are in control of your inner demon?

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    Alice started to gag on the blood she had just swallowed, the effect was not devastating but noticable. She had managed to calm down and decided that perhaps she made a bad choice of foe when just his blood caused her pain. She decided to toy with him now, She focused her energy on the plants holding the man and the roots covering his waist tightened as she cut his pant leg and pricked him with her claw sending a small ammount of her poison into his body. She pointed at his head then leg sending the message for him to start talking or she'd make it worse. She started feeling a bit disoriented, either from the blood or her enjoyment of their time together.

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    "Strike one." Jack said as he pressed the knife a little closer. *These assholes always think they can fix things they don't understand.* "I don't have a inner Demon. What you see is what you get, perhaps being a cleanser of evil as you claim you haver heard of something called a merge. Now let's see your second swing."

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    Desanion felt his leg was being torn apart a thousand times, while the branches that were tightening around him wouldn't help, either. He knew he was realy asking for it, but he had to make at least one of them concious enough to stop themselves. Of course, he also had to figure out how to not scream his head off from the pain, as he was visibly starting to sweat and could not hold his demenor for much longer.

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