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Thread: The Horned God (Open RP)

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    An average height man casually walks in to the Horny. One of his favorite pubs in the city. He likes the people that hang around here, there’s always a story to be told and trouble to make. Orville is a well-dressed man in a vest and dress pants, both dark grey, with a tan trench coat and matching fedora. A puff of smoke billows out of his mouth as he rubs his stubble on his face.
    “Now where is she? " he says to himself. He looks around until he sees the bartender. He walks over to the bar and yells at Damien, “Where’s Jaydan?!”

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    Lilja just smiled at the girl, although wondering just where this DJ found the song he was playing. It was a fun song though, so she simply danced along with the rhythm.

    " Well, you look like your quite good at it."

    Sure she was still shy, but it was very clear to her that the young girl found the rhythm easily enough, and she was pretty sure the little lady was a good dancer. Almost a shame she hadn't forced her father to bring Halina along, but on the other hand, it was good not babysitting for once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betalloid View Post
    "I'm Jeremy, by the way." He turned back and offered his hand to Marissa for light handshake, as another Fat Boy Slim song came on over the sound system. He noticed that the first floor was quickly emptying. "Er, would you like to move this upstairs? Seems that's where everyone's going."
    "Nice to meet you Jeremy." She flashed him a genuine smile again before taking his hand and shaking it causing her chunky plastic and metal bracelets to clink and clank. "Yeah, Upstairs sounds fun... Wonder how big this place is?" She said as she stood up from the bar, leaving the cash for the meal next to the plate and picking up her drink from the counter.

    "So interning over your holiday.. you are either incredibly driven or incredibly nice. My parents would never had heard the end of it if they had made me do that." Her face crinkled a bit at the mention of her parents then she quickly changed the subject, "At least it's a free trip to London, right? I've lived here for awhile for work, but I travel heaps... which is a good thing I love to travel. Hate staying in the same place for too long."

    She stepped away from the seat and picked up her hoodie that was draped over the back of the stool. She fussed her hair again, smoothing it out as it fell to the small of her back over her black tank top. I hope there are places to sit up there, I'm horrible at dancing. Well I can hope everyone is so drunk they won't notice how bad I am! She laughed slightly at her own little joke then realized that she hadn't said that out loud and blushed deeply.
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    Anatoly/ Ground Floor /Bar

    "Err I think there was some guy giving them out earlier” Kleopas lifted a hand and pointed noncommittally to a space somewhere over his shoulder.

    That doesn’t help me in the slightest. Aside from narrowing the card distributor down to being male… Anatoly thought a bit plaintively, the wrench thrown into his newly forming plans dulling down the elation somewhat.

    He shifted back a bit in discomfort as Kleopas leaned forward, giving him a wink and tapping his nose as if they were sharing some conspiracy between themselves.

    "Dont worry Anatoly, your secret is safe with me ...”

    His heart missed a beat.

    “.... not everyone is good with directions". And then the man let out a throaty laugh.

    Damn. Answering with a weak smile, Anatoly reached over for the Guinness and took another quick gulp, taking it as an opportunity to let his heart regain a normal pace and collect his thoughts back into order. He really couldn't explain it, but talking with Kleopas left him feeling in-over his head somehow, like he was being toyed with even. It was pretty much set in stone now that the man suspected something other than a lack of directional sense was causing Anatoly problems.

    Kleopas gestured toward the card still being held in Anatoly’s hand, taking another sip of his whiskey. "But like I said if you need a hand with anything important. Don't hesitate to ask, I find people have a habit of underestimating me"

    But what reason would Kleopas have to care? Anatoly felt his heart rate pick up again, and took another glance at the man sitting before him with far warier eyes. Is it that you know something? Oh god. Could you be involved somehow?

    No. There could be no way this man knew anything about Nick. He’d been reading too many Crime Noir novels in his free time and it looked like they were starting to affect his brain. Strangers with a hidden agenda and all of the answers didn’t just come by, offering cryptic words and an involvement in some complicated crime.

    He let out a slow breath, taken aback by his momentary lapse into paranoia. It’s just been a long two weeks I think.

    The reasons behind Nick’s disappearance were probably far simpler. Rooted in the real world and the usual motivations behind such crimes. No convoluted conspiracies, no gung ho solutions. Almost never a timely rescue either. That last part made him feel sick inside, and he pushed the thought away, refusing to accept it.

    Still, the nagging uncertainty refused to fully go away.

    He glanced up again as he heard Kleopas begin to stand up, the man absently gesturing toward the remaining drink as he caught Anatoly looking his way once more. "Although if your fine on your own, I can drink this drink here and be on my way to that rather attractive sounding dance floor and leave you to wonder down the rabbit hole alone?"

    Who are you?

    There was no hint of that grimy somehow predatory sensation he’d felt once or twice around people that didn’t seem like they had had the kindest of intentions his way. Just more of that muffled haze, further working on dulling down some of the sharper ‘feelings’ that had floated about Kleopas during the course of their conversation.

    Anatoly stared at the space before him much like Kleopas had earlier, caught in indecision, a finger absently running along the rim of his glass. Then his shoulders relaxed a bit.

    “Have fun…” He began to say, ready to put up that smile, and a nonchalant wave of farewell.

    And what if I’m turning away somebody that can genuinely help? The thought quietly ran through his mind. Then…

    “Wait.” He briefly closed his eyes. I must be crazy. No smile got in the way now as he looked back up at Kleopas, only worry and a modicum of weariness. “You're right…” The words came out hesitantly. “There is something else. Something that the guy on these cards would be really helpful for.”

    Anatoly briefly glanced past Kleopas’s shoulder toward the people behind him, before looking back; hopefully his words hadn’t carried far past Kleopas, since he didn’t really feel like advertising his problems to the other strangers at the bar.

    “So I really kind of need a description of what that person passing out cards looked like.” A small smile flickered back and then quickly faded.

    “And anything else, well…” He paused, feeling out of his depth and with no idea as to what he should be doing or who he should be trusting in such a situation. “I guess I have no real idea who you are, but if you say that you can help then ...” He trailed off again, the uncertainty plain to see now in his expression.

    The stress. He thought distantly. Nick, I think it’s now torn away the last few shreds of common sense I had. But maybe this is a chance I need to take to find you.

    He picked up another card from the pile and started playing with it, fingers suddenly needing something to do. “Then maybe once things start to wrap up here we can talk.”

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    [101] & [105]

    "I'm sure he'll come swaggering up those stairs in no time. Prolly just fashionably late, heh."

    Varg looked around the room...searching for something...

    "I gotta go visit the little boy's room...I'll trust you to not roofie my drink while I'm gone." He said with a smile and sauntered down the stair in search of relief.

    Walking up to the bar he tried to get the attention of the bartender to ask for directions, but they were busy with other customers.

    He looked over at the two men in front of him. One was wearing a red jacket while the other sat with his back to Varg, fiddling with something.
    Red, eh? Hah, would be that it was that easy.

    "Any of you gents know where the restroom is? I'm nearing a critical level here." He adressed the two men in a cheery tone.
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    Erin just watched contendedly at the ongoings. The extreemly tall woman who would of passed as a basketball player with the younger girl. Her minder not too far away, somewhat too young she thought. Perhaps she will become the next Drew Barrymore, who visited nightclubs and was in AA at the age of twelve. Ritter found that girls minder somehow, she just left the two be. No fuss, no worries, no need for anything else.

    Who else was there who singled themselves out was her next enquiry. A good selection of music was evident as it changed, keeping the same genre still. Approaching now the DJ she smiled at him, catching his attention with a wave of her hand. "Any chance of DJ Tiesto, In my Memory? Or not to the flavor of this club?" Erin didnt really mind what the answer would be.

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    Jaiden observed Lilja dancing with the young girl and smiled. He thought to himself "Dayum she is tall. Hell taller than me and I'm 6"2" He continued dancing his way around the bar with any of the girls who were either dancing already or hugging the wall, playfully flirting and running off an endless stream of funny quips and jokes.

    As he passed Lilja he smiled at her and her new dance partner playfully joking the two and said to Lilja: "You know if you wanted to dance with someone else you coulda' just said so" He playfully commented.

    He then reached into his pocket and gave Lilja's young dance partner one of his buttons. It was much different than his usual crazier buttons. This one had a smiling sun with googly eyes and said on it "Silly Sunshine". It was small and cute.

    "I make these for kids back in the states, was here tryin to get a deal for them to sell here too" He smiled to the both of them still moving to the music, as he playfully winks at Lilja and the young girl before continuing his rounds.

    "Laterrr Amazon, don't for get about my dance" He winks to Lilja as he dances away.

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    No patrons at the "horny" have been paying attention to the both shrouded with darkness in the corner, when lightning from the storm brewing outside seems to reveal the man sitting in silence.
    His ice jade green eyes almost seem pupiless against his long white hair half tied back, the cigarette smoke he exhales danceing as if where being controlled.
    Stormcall can feel the static in the air, the distant thunder outside almost unnoticeable between the tunes exiting the clubs speakers. He thinks to himself Evil is due I can feel it and looks around the bar to see if any of the other patrons have taken notice of the grim weather closeing in.

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    "Oh I prefer this lady, she moves better than you"

    Lilja just giggled lightly from the comment of the man that had bought her the drink earlier. She didn't mind people acting like this at a bar, but on the other hand, it was not the kind of person she would normally be with anywhere. Although there was nothing wrong with a fun flirt for a night, it would just not be any more than that.

    She looked back at Laura, giving the young girl a wink, before continuing to dance with her. She liked this girl, even though she was shy, she tried her best.

    *reminds me of me*

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    " Well, you look like your quite good at it."[103] Lara blushed more noticably. She wasn't used to being praised by people other than Max and a few others.

    "Tha.. thanks..." Lara mumbled. Then she got startled when someone spoke to Lilja. She hadn't noticed him coming up to them. He seemed to know Lilja, though.

    Lara relaxed a bit. -Lilja is nice... she probably knows nice people- she thought. Just then, the man put something into her hand. She looked at it. It was a button with a funny smiling sun on it. "Silly Sunshine it said. The man said something about selling them.

    Lara looked at it a little, then she put it in the pocket of her vest. She looked up to attempt thanking the man, but he was already moving away. She looked after him a few second. Then she looked up on Lilja. A short moment, a faint smile could be seen on her face.

    -I'm being social... Max is gonna be proud.- She thought to herself. Snd she continued dancing, now looking a little less restrained.

    -Hm? some guy coming over?.. ah, he's talking to the woman...- Max was watching Lara carefully from the table.-Hey wait... did he just give her something?.. Yeah he did... what could it be?.. she seems to like it...- Max started to get up.
    -I should go find out what it... NO! Sit down, Max... You'll find out soon enough. It's nothing dangerous. Keep calm.- Max sat himself down again, took a sip of Sprite and continued watching Lara. He noted that she seemed to dance with more confidence now.

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