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Thread: The Horned God (Open RP)

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    September Collett, First Floor, Bar

    September smiles warmly at her. "Well, don't let me keep you, enjoy what free time you've got. And thanks again for the drink!"

    She takes another sip of her pint and casually scans the room, her smile slowly fading.

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    Jaydan, 2nd floor

    When Varg heads downstairs, Jaydan resumes her typical stance of watching from the sidelines, still nursing her gin fizz. DJ Tiesto starts to play and after a few moments she smiles. She doesn't know the song, but likes it. She notices a man approach the young girl on the dance floor and hand her something, but her attention is more drawn to the girl's companion who looks practically ready to jump off the stool one moment, but then settles back down in his seat. [111]

    She makes her way over to the bar and speaks to Max. "I imagine it's a little nerve wracking, having a kid in a place like this. Though it could certainly be worse." She gives him what she hopes is an encouraging smile and then plays on a hunch. "Nowhere else to go? Or, at least...what's the saying...damn, I can't remember, must be this drink. Best of bad options?"
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    Aedan Morgen Llewellyn - First Floor, table somewhat close to the bar

    Aedan perked up when he heard DJ Tiesto's In My Memory come on [113] upstairs. Finally something that fit with his tastes. He wondered what it was like upstairs--it was probably just a dance floor. He didn't care for dancing, but it might be nice just to sit in and enjoy the music.

    But first, he had to meet with the guy he supposed was his contact. His mentor wasn't very clear about this "John" fellow, only that he was going to wear something red and obvious, and the red leather jacket was obvious enough for Aedan.

    He sat back in his chair, picking away at the remaining malt vinegar-doused fries in his case.
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    "Sounds good." Jeremy drained the last of his drink, and grabbed his jacket from the back of the stool. He saw a coat rack over in the corner, and placed it there before heading upstairs, dodging the biggest blond-haired man he'd ever seen on the narrow stairs as he went up. Giving her a polite eyebrow and a smile when she seemed to laugh spontaneously, he kept on with conversation as he led the way.

    "I guess we're kind of two birds of a feather, then. I'm studying archaeology out in Toronto. I'd kind of like to see the world that way, myself." He paused to look out on the dance floor as they rounded the top of the stairs. Wow, this place definitely looks smaller from outside. It wasn't anything major, but they had really done something with the space. His inner architecture geek was impressed, and also a little glad the music had changed to something chiller.

    All that aside, he was buzzing a little from his drink already. He flushed some as it went to his head. Must have been stronger stuff than normal. I was wondering about that taste. His wrist buzzed too, right where he wore that silver and opal watch, and his pulse raced up a bit. Lousy thing. He paused for a moment near the top of the stairs at a vantage, leaning against a divider, using the opportunity to rub the static crackle to keep it unnoticeable as he caught something that might keep the conversation flowing a little longer.

    "You learn all sorts of crazy stuff in that line of work, really. See the tattoo on that woman's neck over there, the one dancing with the little girl? That's a variant of Futhark, the Viking language. It stands for 'wish.'"

    The buzz rubbed out, he tried his best to look non-assuming and confident. This did not seem particularly different from normal. "So, are you up for a dance? I promise I won't take it too hard if you say 'no.'"

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    As the music changed once more she noticed how the young girl seemed to relax a bit more allowing her to move a bit more easily. Seeing if she could get her to really let go, she started going a bit more back to the way she had been dancing before. She had noted how the young girl had looked at her then, and she had a hunch she might want to try to dance kinda like that. She might be wrong of course, but then again, that she wouldn't know until she tried.

    " And I meant what I said about preferring to dance with you "

    She smiled her normal warm smile to the young girl, she enjoyed this much more than dancing with some guy who only really had one thing on his mind, and that was how to get her to come home with him. Dancing with the young girl was just relaxing and fun. Just the way she liked it.

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    [116]" And I meant what I said about preferring to dance with you "

    Hearing this made Lara even happier. She did start to feel a bit dizzy, but she ignored it. She was having a lot of fun dancing and didn't want to stop now. -She dancing more like she did before...- Lara noticed, thinking back to how Lilja had danced when she had watched her earlier.

    Lara slowly started to imitate Lilja's dancing, paying no mind to her dizziness.


    [113]"Yeah I guess you could say that," Max answered the womans smile with his own. "But this'll be a really good experience for her, so a little stress is a small price to pay."

    "And see, that's the exact reason i prefer to stay away from alcohol." Having said that, Max lifted his glass of sprite and drank from it. He took a quick peak in the direction of Lara, noting that she seemed to be really getting into it now.

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    The room mixed with the society's, filled with secrets hmm He signals the waitress Ask Varg for a top shelve port my tab is up to date. Well Jayden seems to be popular tonight? cigarette smoke again slowly flowing from his nose as if a Dragon lies within. Let Jayden know I said hello

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    That does stand out. The woman in the red coat looked at her presumed african american man. Those buttons, seen near to the young girl and taller woman recently. Does he sell those or use as a calling card? Either way he sure does look interesting amoungst the peoples who occupy this floor. Looking at him further, her orange juice at the apprehensive halfway mark now. She, Erin, decided that it would be now or never to enquire further.

    "Erin Coates and my orange juice is half full, how about you?" Smiling at this person, the way which can seem the world only resembles two people. "And tell me more about those buttons, they look pretty." Another smile happened agian as she waited on man she spoke to.

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    Damien (bartender), 1st floor bar

    Damien looks at Orville with a somewhat confused look on this face.
    "I don't know, man. It's busy. She was here a little bit ago, eating her grilled cheese. Maybe she went upstairs."
    He shrugs a bit and goes back to serving drinks.
    Fiona "Jaydan" Ricoch
    Director, Black Fox Investigators

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    Lilja noticed how the girl started to imitate her moves, something that made her once more smile. And she was good at it too, she was copying them almost to perfection. It had taken Lilja some years to learn all of it, but this girl seemed to be a natural.

    As the music finally ended, she kneeled down a bit, whispering to Lara's ear for only her to hear.

    " Now I don't know about you, but dancing makes me thirsty. How about I come ask you for a dance again later, and get me and you something to drink as a thanks for dancing with me. "

    She looked over at the man she came her with, he had looked so worried for so long, that she found it best to let him have her back. She could always ask for another dance later on.

    " So, what does the young lady want for her drink? "

    They made a lot of driver drinks here, so she knew that whatever the little lady asked for, she could have it without alcohol. She liked that, specially since she preferred not to drink to much herself.

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