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Thread: Pre-Order FAQ

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    Pre-Order FAQ

    Mods, please feel free to edit this post as you see fit to help flesh it out. So many various questions people have that require digging through pages and pages of the original announcement thread.

    I'll do my best to add questions and answers, hopefully with links to source or a note of lack of official source.

    What exactly is there to buy?
    Pre-Order the game. Do this via Funcom directly or another retailer.
    Retailers will send you a code to add the game to your Funcom account, which will then list the pet you will have (Cat, Dog, Wolf).

    Initiate Pack. Stand alone pack anyone can add via the Funcom site.

    Master Pack. Stand alone pack anyone can add via the Funcom site. This is completely unrelated to the Initiate Pack.

    Grand Master Pack. Includes the Master pack, also gives Lifetime subscription as well as a Snakeskin Jacket. Can be purchased Stand alone or as an upgrade to the Master Pack.

    Pre-Order pets:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    Anyone buying from Funcom, digital distribution partners or select retailers will receive the Cat. The Wolf and Hound are given out by different retailers in each territory.

    The following link has a list of known and not yet known retailers and the pet associated with them:

    I don't want the Cat pet, how can I change it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    There is currently no way to change the pet that is coming with a pre-order other than cancelling that order and place another one at a retailer that has the pet you prefer.

    Registration Key:
    You will only get a registration key from other retailers than buying direct from Funcom. Buying from Funcom automatically applies the purchase and perks to your account you purchased with.

    This key is not a beta key for closed/ongoing beta.

    Source: Has been confirmed by Gamestop and Amazon purchasers that they received a code that when applied added the pre-order to their account.

    Beta Download Link:
    This seems to have appeared for some people, some of the time, and is most likely an error and nothing more. Those that have downloaded and installed the client have found they do not have access with their account. Someone else has confirmed via customer service that they have not yet been invited.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sappho View Post

    Please do not start threads requests for information on beta client downloads, either "when" or "where" or "can we have it early". None of this information will provided via the forums.

    "When" will be given in an email.

    "Where" will be given in an email.

    "Can we have it early?". These client downloads are not generally just sitting there waiting for an arbitrary date to tick over. They are constantly being tested, run through Q&A, and finalised for deployment. No manner of request for early release is going to interrupt this process.

    On that note, any new threads that pop up on any of these issues will be removed, and we may take further action against those that do it.

    Yes, you're all anxious and impatient to get your butts handed to you in-game, and rest assured that Funcom is equally impatient to see you get your butts handed to you as well.

    Just sit back and relax, and enjoy the ride.
    How do name reservations work?
    You are reserving the nickname for your character. This is the uninque name for the character, that is part of the First_name, Nickname, Last_name set up. In the game when creating a character you will pick all three names, nickname is what is being reserved now.

    Example: John Unknown Doe

    The nickname must be at least 4 character and can be followed by numbers.

    Upgrading to Grand Master Later:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    The Grand Master Pack will stay available also after launch of the game for those who decide to go lifetime later on.

    I bought Master, what if I want to upgrade to Grand Master:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    You will be able to upgrade from a Master Pack to a Grand Master Pack to the price of roughly the difference between the two.

    How good are the pre-order items going to be?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    The starter weapons, talismans and pets will be very helpful when starting in the game. When progressing through the game players will naturally get their hands on better equipment and weapons. You will still be able to use your pre-order pet for example, but you will most probably have found other items that will suit your current progression.

    My payment seems to be stuck in "Process Pending"
    Famine has some replies in this thread regarding the issue:

    Personally I switched to Paypal and I was able to see a button to 'process payment' once I did. Others have not had this work. Contact customer service would be the recommendation.

    If I order from Funcom, when do I get charged:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    Anyone who pre-orders and does not purchase a pack will billed the week before Early Access starts. All other purchases (ie those including a pack) will be billed immediately.

    I want to preorder with my existing account (AO, AoC, etc):
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    If you login to your account on the registration page ( you should see the option "Add a Game" under the menu point "Account" on the left side.

    In the upcoming list you can choose The Secret World where you will be able to pre-order.

    Will we be able to trade pets (cat,dog,wolf) in game?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    Usually such pets and items are bound to the account and are available for every character on that account but are not tradable with other players. I doubt it will be different with the pre-order pets but I can see if I find out about that to make sure.

    I was supposed to get beta access from a special promotion earlier:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    Please refer to this announcement that explains the different options of beta access. Customers eligible for the closed beta access mentioned in that announcement will be receiving their beta invitation e-mail very soon (if they haven't already).

    Is the Initiate Pack included in the Master or Grand Master packs?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    The Master Pack and the Grand Master Pack do not include the Initiate Pack. But the Grand Master Pack includes the Master Pack.

    Do I get a physical copy of the game?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    Pre-orders over Funcom and other digital retailers will be for digital download of the game. A physical box is available at retailers.

    Will there be a Collector's Edition of the game?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    Currently there is no Collector's Edition planned.

    I can't link my forum account to my game account!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    The link between forums and game account will happen at launch of the game. So it's correct that you currently can' not set that up yet that in the billing page.

    If I don't order from Funcom, how do I buy the additional packs? (Initiate, Master, Grand Master, etc.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    You have the option to purchase a pack in addition also after pre-ordering the basic game.

    Can I add more than one pre-order key to the same account?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    No. The account system was not setup to allow for more than one pre-order code per account! Our Customer Support was able to manually get around that restriction on some occasions where players got in contact over LiveChat but that manual workaround was confirmed now by our account/billing administrators to not be advisable or intended so Customer Support will no longer be able to add additional pre-order keys to one account. The ones that did get more than one code added up to know will be able to keep them on their account but we no longer can add additonal new pre-order accounts to the same account.

    Funcom should put up some sort of FAQ
    Quote Originally Posted by Tarib
    Yes. We are working on it to gather the questions that popped up since the pre-order announcement yesterday and will post up a sort of FAQ as soon as possible.
    If only I had seen this before I started...

    (work in progress, editing more into it, please feel free to add suggestions for it)

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    "When will this post become mostly irrelevant?"

    In a few more days. July 3rd.

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    And now I drive home from work. Hopefully this is useful to someone...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twist of Fate View Post
    And now I drive home from work. Hopefully this is useful to someone...

    Great work Twist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorebane View Post

    Great work Twist
    Thanks, I messaged Tarib in case they want to use it or just take any of the data I put together.

    I'd just like to see a FAQ out there to help get people answers and not a lot of assumptions.

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    Looks like you've got pretty much everything covered. Good jerb!

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    Well this put all my concerns about my pre-order to rest...thank you!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostbeard View Post
    Looks like you've got pretty much everything covered. Good jerb!
    LOL, I'm suddenly reminded of Strong Bad and one of the characters using the word "jorb".

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    Considering you beat Tarib to it, the least they could do is sticky your efforts until they come up with one.

    Consider this my /pat on the back for your efforts..

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