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Thread: The Mnemosyne Collection

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    The Mnemosyne Collection

    The Mnemosyne Collecton is a project started in hopes to produce more narrative-driven, complete stories. It evolved from a conversation on forum storytelling too often degenerating into one person posting in a more-and-more inaccessible thread for years with an incomplete odyssey, or fifty people writing one-liners and fragments of action in messy stories that do not end up anywhere. Stories in The Mnemosyne Collection, decidedly, have a beginning, a middle, and an end. More than that, they are limited to a length which encourages read-throughs from individuals not invested in your character’s fifty-page backstory.

    In essence, with a growing number of eyes reaching this board as we edge closer and closer to launch, stories in The Mnemosyne Collection will represent powerful, quintessential pieces in establishing the storytelling tone of The Secret World.

    Stories are put together by pairs of two authors. These authors, who apply below (detailed in “How to Get Involved” section) are assembled either by a few close friends, and myself, or volunteer to work together. From here, they are given a title, and one member is selected as responsible for beginning the story, and the other ending it.

    The author who begins the story has a large amount of creative control, with as much freedom as they would in any other storytelling thread, save the story’s title. These beginning posts are encouraged to be long, as this is more like short story writing, than forum roleplay.

    What then makes these stories unique is each author in the thread has only three posts to tell the complete story. They must also alternate posts, assuring that each author can push and pull the story in their own direction, without the other taking too long of a stretch to advance without interference.

    The thread then, created by authors A and B, with A beginning would read as:
    A, B, A, B, A, B.
    Interested parties, please reply to this thread with your intention to join, and at least one and at most three links to samples of what you consider your best storytelling. This work does not need to be specific to The Secret World, or even be roleplaying for a game. It simply needs to be fiction authored by you that you believe to be representative of your creative and storytelling expertise.

    You will be notified when selected for a story, and matched with another prospective author. You will also be told if you are responsible for beginning the story (as detailed in “How it Works” section).

    We will only keep one story going at a time, to allow it to stay in the spotlight, and so that the forum does not become spammed with short stories in the collection.

    If any one (or both) authors become idle during a story, and prove unreachable, they will be disallowed from contributing again, without reapplying in this thread.

    All OOC discussion about stories can take place in this thread.

    Once the game launches, I fully expect to grow this into a storytelling competition, with in-game rewards. Writers are encouraged to join now, and get a few rounds under their belts, and a few chapters in their journals.

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    You know I'm in - Sign me up for the first round with you. Perhaps a link or copy-pasta to our story before to give everyone a super-clear idea of what you intend would be a good idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chainer View Post
    You know I'm in - Sign me up for the first round with you. Perhaps a link or copy-pasta to our story before to give everyone a super-clear idea of what you intend would be a good idea?
    A very good idea.

    Chainer and I created a story in a similar way, when we played APB together. You can find it here: "Cigarette and Powder Burns" : A Drama in Four Acts.

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    Let me know when you're ready to start-up! I've got a few free hours this weekend (Friday-ish) I think.

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    Would love to join up! Can hardly say no after the invitation.
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    Well how can I turn down an invitation, i'd like to throw my hat into the ring.

    two of my favorite stories so far

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    Greetings, everyone, and special thanks to Eleutherophobia for making this thread. It's really a wonderful idea and I hope to see it growing and thriving. I, of course, want to apply for contribution to this collection, if you find my skills worthy. These are the samples of my work as requested:

    My TSW Character stories

    A translation of Chapter 1.1 of my upcoming book.

    I hope that's enough for the time being?
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