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Thread: The Underground (Closed-RP)

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    Priscilla glared at the tall man for noticing her attempt to slip away, but mostly for his claim she was defenseless. Maybe she was, a little, but staying with a group of strangers, one mad, one a tall an likely killer, it wasn't any safer here. Still, being singled out by the man's attention more or less neutralized her anonymity and no longer made slipping away unnoticed a possibility. With a scowl of childish defiance Priscilla glanced away from the man, with crossed arms, to again focus on the sobbing madman who still knelt just outside the doorway of his room. "We should see where we are." She protested, a little after the fact to jab at the man's 'suggestion' of sticking together.

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    Alice watched in silence as the group already started clashing. Her own curiousity growing about the other 2. Alice decided to try and get an idea of who these people are. She activated her powers and instantly the others were shrouded in the blackest smogs, inside the smoke were images, she looked at them studying their auras. What she had seen from priss in her aura had infact supprised her. "Hey be careful with what you say around this girl. She's still a virgin to all of this."

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    Quieting down, Orion took stock of Sensou's words. 'He's right.' Orion thought, 'Sitting here and crying won't do anything to get him back. No more breakdowns. I will find you Brother.' He reinforced this goal into the forefront of his mind, getting out was currently secondary to him. "Okay. Fuck breakdowns and tears." Orion's voice turned hard, masking his pain with purpose. "We'll probably need to work together to get out of here alive and to do that, we have to trust each other. I'm Orion. My skillset is hand-to-hand combat and wetwork. For those of you know don't know what wetwork is, I kill people for money. But hey, at least I'm honest about it. Your turn." Orion gestured to Sensou "Oh, and don't call me a toddler again. Try coping with getting half your soul ripped out before you judge me old man."

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    Sensou raised and eyebrow at Orion, he folded his arms and grunted, turning to look down the dark hallway. "They call me the Silver-Eyed Wolf, my name is of little importance, and I don't feel like...Talking about what I can and what I have done."

    He looked expectantly at Priscilla, "and what about the little princess over here?" He sneared, "surely you aren't completely useless?"

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    "Don't talk to me like that." She wanted to snap, but instead it came out as a hissed defiant threat, her expression of childlike defiance did nothing to lend weight to it. "Priscilla." She answered stubbornly, her s=eyes averting again, focusing more on the still closed doors, and the darkness that bathed the hall. Even now with the conversation, the breathing, and the illumination of the flashlights, if felt far to empty and dead here. "And I can handle myself..." She added, not elaborating on either her name, origins, or exactly what she was skilled in. She did however puzzle over what the other girl had said, 'a virgin to all this?' was she involved in the capture of everyone... it was possible. She stared at the girl as if seeking answer to the unasked question.

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    There was nothing like waking up in an old corroding room with rusted walls and broken furniture with no recollection of how you got there. Sammy had seen some strange things in her eighteen years of life, most of which would give any member of her high school wrestling team the chills, but something about living the horror movie- yeah, that merited the creeps.

    She was up in a flash. Sammy didn’t dilly dally slowing raising herself up to her feet, apprehensively searching for answers. The new Dragon recruit sprung up onto her sneakers like she’d just been called down with Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. She knew, well, she knew as much as she was going to. No one ever woke up in a place like this and found answers written on the walls. She’d have been lying to herself if she didn’t acknowledge the rising anxiety and sweaty palms creeping up on her, but you could only see so many dead people before things just didn’t phase you like they should.

    She could hear voices coming from the other side of the far wall. Were there others here like her? Sardonically, she wondered if they were plucked out of Burger King too- maybe some crazy fast food haunting. She waited for the sick feeling she usually got when something was bad news, but it was like the whole situation gave her that ‘no-good’ knot. If the voices on the other side of the room belonged to crazy ax murderers… well…she’d run like hell.

    She reached into her back pocket for her phone. At the very least she’d have that as a flashlight. No luck. The dead electronic sat in her hand like a paper weight. As if things couldn’t be more ominous, she let out a groan. Like a blind mole, Sammy felt around the room, arms extended, reaching for the chipping paint. She grimaced as her hand rolled over something that seemed more crusty than paint. Honestly, Sammy felt a little grateful she couldn’t see what it was. Then, she felt a ridge in the wall, maybe a door frame. She dropped her hand an inch or so, and there it was, the door handle.

    Sammy didn’t swing the door open as quickly as she’d jumped to her feet. Startling someone who might be the psycho who brought her here was an idea she didn’t favor.

    “ And I can handle myself…”

    Sammy’s brows lifted slightly. She was glad one person could. She’d caught the tail end of the conversation, but definitely caught the hyperventilation. Sammy cautiously left her door frame, taking a few steps towards the little pow-wow. It didn’t take a genius or her spidey sense to tell her they were in the same boat. All she could hope for now was that her green track jacket meant nothing to them.

    “ Anyone get signal?” She asked, holding up her phone. She realized it wasn’t the most appropriate question, but it was definitely the most practical. “ And… so what the hell is going on here?”

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    "At this rate we males will be outnumbered," Sensou chuckled in amusemant. The team was turning out to be female-oriented and that could spell something bad...Usually when sent on missions there was only one gender sent, that way less conflict arose. The Dragon had been strong enough a society - he could not say the same for some - when it came to realizing the strengths and weaknessess on the topic of sex.

    He wanted to heave a sigh but repressed it, instead, looking up at the cieling and then down around himself. No...His wind magic would not work here, besides, it probably would not be wise to go busting through walls without knowing what was on the other side.

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    Orion turned to the newcomer, face still grim even with the entrance of this more upbeat woman. "Battery's dead so I won't know even if I have. Kinda makes you think about how long we've been down here already, doesn't it..." He trailed off, looking thoughtful for a few seconds before snapping himself out of it. "None of us know why we're here, bloody well wish someone did though. Maybe we're sport for some sick sack of shit who gets off on kidnapping random people and trapping them places. Maybe we're here for a nobler cause. Hell, I dunno. Just a distraction stopping us from getting the hell out of here sooner." Orion finally stood from his crouching position, stretching out his arms. "Anyways, who're you two?" He said, gesturing to Alice and Sammy.

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    "first off, green, red, or blue?" Alice asked trying to keep things in code. Alice had to keep some disgression with priss. Things were already getting more complicated with the fact that more of them piled into the building, she was actually beginning to think that she should go and check the other doors to see who's with them. "secondly what's your problem with being outnumbered by girls? Trust me your not my type and you can't afford me either, so unless you have a reason to be annoyed I'd suggest shutting it." Alice replyed a little ticked at the man.

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    'Another one.' Priscilla frowned as the green shirted girl appeared questioning about cell signals. It was strange, the way everyone acted. Alice seemed to know something, but what she said was simply nonsense without meaning. Orion was mad, and there was no way she was going to believe his claim to be some sort of assassin... assassins didn't exactly advertise that sort of thing. Mr. Wolf was already playing at alpha dog and den mother in one go moments after finding a group of 'lost cubs'. And the new girl, the new girl seemed to act like this entire event was simply a minor inconvenience.

    If Pricilla had to line everyone up along a wall and put it to a public vote of, 'which one of these does not belong' she was certain she would be the odd man out. Everyone seemed so quick to trust, so indifferent to the fact anyone of them could be an ally of the kidnappers, or maybe even a kidnapper. There was far too many unknowns, but no one lent concern to those things yet. Maybe she was just ahead of the others with paranoia, but with a group like this she doubted she would keep the lead for very long.

    Watching silently as the others conversed, she was thankful her arms were already crossed as the posture served a perfect cover to the vulnerability she felt and masked the hug she gave herself. There was no helping the insecurities that ran ramped in her mind, but she had her pride and the least she could do was keep up appearances. Scowling with attitude she chewed at her inner cheek and decided to remain silent for now, the less attention focused on her the better.

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