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Thread: Common Issues Currently Present in The Secret World

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    Common Issues Currently Present in The Secret World

    We have compiled a list of the most common issues that players are running into while experiencing (or trying to experience) The Secret World. If you have run into one of these issues, please try the "fixes" listed below. If you are still having an issue after , or your issue is not listed here, please make sure to contact Funcom's Customer Support Representatives for assistance.

    Common Issues Occurring in The Secret World

    1. I am receiving an "Authentication Failure" error message when I try to log into The Secret World!

    This is a very common issue that players can experience while attempting to log into the game. Please try the following steps to fix this issue:

    Incorrect Login Information - You may have entered in your username and password incorrectly. Please contact customer service who will help verify your account information.

    Wrong Client - You may be using previous beta clients that may not be able to patch up to the current version or you may have the wrong "LocalConfig.xml" in your The Secret World installation directory. Please verify that your client is not an older beta client before proceeding to contact customer service. If you are using an older build, then you can download the full client from within the account page under the download section. If you are using the wrong "LocalConfig.xml", then please try to replace it with the one attached to this post.

    High Traffic - Due to the high amount of traffic at launch, you may experience this error by mistake. Please be patient and try to log into the game later. If you feel waiting is not solving this issue, then you can contact customer service to ensure your account information is correct.

    2. I am trying to create my character, but my name/reserved name is giving me, "This name is not valid. All names must be at least 3 characters in length and must not contain inappropriate words.", as an error message!

    This issue has been fixed, and any players that have named their character something other than their reserved name because of this issue can now petition an in-game GM to get this issue resolved.

    3. I have claimed my items rewards from the item store, but they have still not arrived in my inventory!

    Due to the high volume of players requesting their claim items from the shop, players are experiencing longer than normal retrieval times for their claim items. We ask that you please be patient while the items are transferred to your inventory. We are also aware of this issue and are currently investigation solutions to reduce the time between claiming and item and its delivery.

    To contact customer support, then please follow this simple procedure for further assistance.

    For help with account issues, technical issues with the game client and general support questions, then please go to For help with your account from a live representative, then please click on the "LIVE CHAT" button. A Customer Service Representative will assist you as quickly as possible. Please also be aware that "LIVE CHAT" is only available in ENGLISH.

    For all other issues, or for foreign language support, click on "EMAIL SUPPORT", enter your email address, select an issue category, and enter a detailed description of the problem requiring assistance before clicking "SUBMIT". Please note that emails sent to old support email addresses will no longer reach support and this new portal must be used to submit all email inquiries.

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    Here's is the above mentioned LocalConfig.xml

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