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Thread: How to Contact Customer Service

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    Funcom How to Contact Customer Service

    There are several ways to get information or contact Funcom for assistance if you have questions. The following is a list of links and emails that are available.

    • For in-game help please log into the game and use the /petition command. If your question is not answered in our knowledge base, please click "Petition" in order to submit your petition. Please note that tickets are answered in the order they are received. A Game Master will assist you as quickly as possible.

    • For help with account issues, technical issues with the game client, general support questions, or general feedback, please go to For help with your account from a live representative please click on the "Live Chat" button. A Customer Service Representative will assist you as quickly as possible. Please be aware that Live Chat is only available in English. For all other issues, or for foreign language support, click on "Email Support," enter your email address, select an issue category, and enter a detailed description of the problem requiring assistance before clicking "Submit."

      Please note that emails sent to old support email addresses will no longer reach support and this new portal must be used to submit all email inquiries.

    Thank you.

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    Addendum to Tarib's information above.

    The Funcom Help web portal is an excellent path to report both technical and non-technical issues to Funcom's Customer Support services. Feedback provided there is handled by the CS team and is reported to the development and QA teams on a regular basis.
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