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Thread: If I delete my character can I keep the name?

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    If I delete my character can I keep the name?

    I ended up on the wrong server. I clicked on Arcadia but apparently I was supposed to double click on Arcadia. I had a reserved name and used it so if I delete the character I made can I still use the name?

    Or can I just switch home servers some how?

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    Just be fast. I moved mine earlier after a fubar moment.

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    I deleted mine on Arcadia and could make a new one on Grim so its probably okay.

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    A good question. I can only suggest live cs or a ticket. But if you do, please let the forum know how it goes. In case this happenes to anyone else.
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    Read somewhere that name reservation is for the life of the account. I'll try to find the source.
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    If it is a reserved name, no problem. Delete it. Create it again in two months, its still yours.

    If its not reserved, you risk someone else reserving it while it is deleted.

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    Yes it went fine. It was reserved. I reserved it after beta weekend 2 so I doubt anyone would've taken it in the couple of minutes it took to remake the character though I was suprised it wasn't already taken when I reserved it.

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