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Thread: FAQ: Maps & understanding the coordinates system

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    FAQ: Maps & understanding the coordinates system

    Maps & understanding the coordinates system

    Are there maps?
    Yes, you open the map of the zone you're in with the “m” key.
    TSW maps are handcrafted maps, looking like the maps of a tourist office brochure. They are not generated from world data but your position and movements are visible: you are the yellow arrowhead.
    Maps show main points of interest and major NPC's.
    Maps can be on purpose very vague (Besieged farmlands, for example, that show no actual building)
    They display missions areas or spots.
    They also show teammates positions.

    Can I select what mission is shown on the map?
    At the time of writing, no, all the missions you have in the zone will show up.

    Do I see enemies on the maps?
    No, only teammates. (Unlike AO but the same as AoC or SWTOR.)

    Can I place my own markers on a map?
    Yes, you can place markers on the maps and give them a name by r-clicking the map.

    Can I zoom on a map?
    Yes, with the mouse wheel when your cursor is over the map or with the “magnifiers” icons on the map. You can also move the map by clicking and dragging it.

    Can I see a map of another zone than the one I'm in?
    No, at the time of writing, you can only see the map of the zone you're visiting.

    How does the coordinates system work?
    For AO and AoC players: TSW's coordinates system is similar.

    Coordinates are made of 3 numbers, like : “1526.3 894.5 y 22.4” (For people liking mathematics, it's x, z, y, but only “y” is specifically indicated)

            ^       North
            |      z
            |     /............
            |    /....Land....
            |   /...surface...
            |  /............
            | /............
    West ___|/_____________> East x
          / |
      South |
    (Yes, I know, picture in the making...)

    The first number (x) increases from WEST to EAST: for example, 300.2 is more in the West than 1456.2 which is more in the East.

    The second number (z) increases from SOUTH to NORTH: for example 40.7 is more in the south than 1486.2 which is more in the North.

    The third number (y) is the altitude, increasing from low to high: for example 3.5 is lower than 23.6.

    How do I get my coordinates?

    Press the F9 key (function key on your keyboard). It will display your coordinates in chat, plus some information. Note that SHIFT F9 displays more information, useful to Developers, when you send a bug report.
    Your coordinates will be displayed as explained above: “ x, z, y” “1526.3 894.5 y 22.4”

    Give me a damn example, I'm lost!

    Fine; you're not alone. Let's go step by step.

    1) Let's suppose your friends tell you that they are at “1526.3 894.5 y 22.4”

    1526.3 indicates their West to East position
    894.5 indicates their South to North position
    y 32.4 indicates their altitude

    2) Get your own Coordinates: press F9 and look at the reply in chat window

    Let's suppose you are at “1120.2 2135.3 18.5”

    1120.2 is your West to East position
    2135.3 is your South to North position
    2.4 is your altitude

    3) Compare the numbers

    West to East position:
    They are at 1526.3 and you are at 1120.2.
    As your W to E coordinate is lower than their coordinate, this means your are more to the West and they are more to the East.
    You must travel to the East to meet them.

    South to North position:
    They are at 894.5 and you are at 2135.3
    As your S to N coordinate is higher than their coordinate, this means your are more to the North and they are more to the South.
    You must travel to the South to meet them.

    They are at 32.4 and you are at 2.4 so they are a bit higher than you... Pay attention to hills, cliffs, mountains, canyons when you travel, so you don't end up at the same point as your friends except they are 30 meters above you!

    So, in this example, you have to travel South-East and gain some altitude to meet your friends.

    … And if your friends are smart... they will tell you about some landmarks near their position !

    Can you tell me the awesome big secret trick about Kingsmouth map?!

    On the map, brownish buildings can't be entered while grey buildings can be entered (at some point or always). This may help when you don't know where to go.

    Yeah, that's all but it's handy.
    Supporting FunCom since 2001 with Anarchy Online (and still there), AoC, and TSW

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    You can also see the x, z coordinates of where the cursor is on the main map in the lower left corner of the map window. This can help when deciding how to get to someone who has just sent you a location for a meet (and for certain obnoxious missions).

    EDIT: your secret for Kingsmouth isn't quite correct, I think the grey buildings are more buildings of "importance," there are other enterable buildings not grey.

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