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Thread: just plain Barber?

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    just plain Barber?

    I know ya guys have big plans to improve player looks coming (tentatively in around August iirc,) and thats all great

    But was thinking, how about considering breaking it up and getting in a barber shop on its own "now." Yes many of us are too vain, but different outfits just look better with different hairdos/color. Since hair cuts would just involve placing a NPC and some programming vs programming and artist; it could be done lot faster (and just add any new haircuts once they are available.)

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    I expect it's more that the same tech is going into both -- it's not that they're sitting on one or the other, just that the set-up for both is virtually identical. The third one, the tattoo shop, is probably going to be coming later than the others due to needing more art and to split the options away from the limited make-up function.

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    Not that think sitting on one. But the "facial reconstruction" portion i would be held up by art work just like tattoos. Barber shop wouldnt need to be. I simple vendor loaded with hair styles/color would work for now.

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    But I want to get my haircut at the Occam's Razor.

    Seriously, how many have seen that in London and want it so?
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    I hear there's a guy down on Fleet Street who gives a good cut...

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