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Thread: Tanking decks for Templars

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    Tanking decks for Templars

    I'm already done with "Preacher" which is a DPS DOT type of build and now my guild needs another tank for another group and I said: "Why not!".

    I'm a completionist so I want to get every templar decks so I really don't want to start "making" my own decks before I actualy have all the available decks. I know I can make better ones (I already modded my preacher deck since it's completed) but I'm interested in playing the game the way funcom saw it.

    I just want to make sure I'm not cutting myself from options but is Warlock the only tanking deck? Or am I blind or something....


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    The prebuilt tanking decks are very limited. In general, while all pre-built decks are not the most effective deck you can use, the tanking ones are really this way. They don't make use of the needed abilities to tank successfully.

    Ryahl's tanking decks are: (inner wheel, under 60 ap tank, useful for Polaris and Hell Rising) - End game tanking. He used this in the closed beta to effectively tank pretty much all the dungeon content we were doing at Q10.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Konsume View Post
    bawp! any suggestions?
    Decks are for outfits. If you want a great build do one yourself. Some of the decks frankly don't work because the skills can't work together.

    A really good tank will be a combo of any two of the three tank weapons. Chaos, blades, or hammers. Get a good synergy that mixes survivability with threat. Be sure to get the miscellaneous threat-building skills (at least the +300% passive) and look in the other weapons for passives that compliment your synergies.

    Generally for survivability it's better to stack evade, block, or defense (one of them) than straight mitigation. The rest is up to your personal preference.

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