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Thread: Healing in TSW in dungeons

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    Healing in TSW in dungeons

    Yesterday night was the first time I'd been in a group playing the role as a healer. Luckily I'd recently gained hermetic rites from the outer wheel. I'm a blade/healer. One of the group mates I played with had no idea why I would swing a sword when I should be healing. I thought I would explain it here.

    Hermetic Rites requires 2 resources and usually I might use a blood magic like boiling blood to generate it, but bamboo cutter from the outer wheel was much faster at generating resources for me so I had to swing twice for every time I healed people.

    I found playing a healer stressful because I was originally the only player in the group who had blood magic. When I died, the team died. I think this places a pretty hefty responsibility on one person. My group mates also fought in a widespread format which made me have to move around quite a lot in order to make sure I could heal them due to range limitations.

    I think that while some weapons like assault rifles and probably fists have some healing properties, blood being the only healer is pretty tough since a lot of people prefer more ranged or melee. It's probably better to have one main and one backup healer for groups at times.

    Dying felt pretty bad actually, I didn't enjoy feeling like I killed the group when I died. One of the people in the group became quite antagonistic towards me for that reason though I wasn't the only person and definitely not always the first to go. People who are too far from the hermetic rites when I am using it can't be healed and I do try to move around and heal everyone as much as I can but I don't always get there in time. I'm sure once I get higher stats I will be able to do more but I'm hesitant to play the role of a healer again full on.

    I hope the developers consider adding more healing abilities or stats so non blood players can heal themselves too if need be. I use martial discipline (from blade) on myself often. I haven't played other weapons so I don't know but I wonder if other weapons have the equivalent for at least a minor heal like that.

    Altogether a somewhat mixed and unpleasant experience... Hope the next time I play there will be more than one healer so as to split the responsibility.

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    Anyone can heal. This isn't the type of game where there is "the healer" there's 2 inner ring abilities, costing just one or 2 AP that self heal. Everyone can have a heal. If they blame you for not healing everyone it's there own fault for not being prepared.

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    Blood isn't the only healer... AR and Fist don't simply "have some healing properties". They are very capable of healing. I healed for Polaris the other day as AR; my healing wasn't fantastic because my choice of healing abilities was actually a little low at that time, but I feel that I still did most of the healing and was an important part of the group (it did help that nearly everyone had some off-healing for when things got really dire).

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    Given that you were the "main healer" in this scenario, the fact that you are blades and blood magic really aren't ideal. With that combination, you shouldn't be able to main heal, so the fact that you were often dying isn't surprising, and I would suggest in the future that you not put yourself in this situation.

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    I'm not sure which dungeon you were running, but of the two dungeons I've run so far, I've found that if your people are all taking damage, they need to position themselves better. It doesn't sound like you were a bad healer or confined by your abilities, it sounds like your teammates weren't adjusting themselves to your abilities or the boss's.

    So I think you are fine and I think the healing is fine. I think it's the other players that need to be aware of themselves and their teammates at all times.
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    Really? I've only played blade, chaos and blood so far so I didn't know that the other weapons have self heal in the inner wheel. I look forward to checking the other weapons out when I max on blade and blood.

    Thanks for letting me know.

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    Ive been healing AR/Blood. I am able to heal just fine, blade is an odd one for healing though. I'm not sure how much I like AR healing though as a lot of the passives depend on leach ability which in my experience doesn't seem to work that well compared to direct heals.

    So far though if anyone except the tank is taking damage then it is there fault and usually 100% avoidable.

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    We're running elites and my main healing comes from AR, supplemented by Blood (specifically building to Blood Pact). I have found that AR is my favorite because of the way the passives work.

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    Fiasco3, did you also think maybe AR is a better build with blood? Or were you suggesting another weapon?

    Riyoke, you're probably right. I shouldn't be a main healer with my build. I only died twice before reaching the last boss at polaris which is when I did end up dying due to that freeze attack that makes you unable to move.

    At the last boss in Polaris, one of the times I was fighting hard, something happened that took my controls actually. here's what it looked like. I was pressing buttons to see if I could get my controls back, but I couldn't see anything. I don't know if it's a bug or something I did. One of my group mates called me a liar for making things up so I'm posting this like I told her I would.

    It was an unpleasant experience but at that point I asked her to kick me out of the group since there was nothing more I could do. I guess I'll have to do Polaris again. I'll probably avoid being a main healer this time.

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    I use AR with some blood magic for when I can't leech off mobs. AR is wonderful for healing in dungeons. Anima shot allow you to dps and heal at the same time (it is strong enough that I can just spam it and it will keep the tank up). The AoE heals from the outer rings (i.e. platoon and mortar support ) comes in super handy in the second dungeon when people are not smart enough to dodge the nasty AoEs.

    I use the blood shields during certain phases when I can't be near the boss to heal etc.

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